Method, Excavation, & Survey Techniques

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  1. Carchemish in Context

    Carchemish in Context [Hardback]

    Edgar Peltenburg(Author); T. J. Wilkinson(Author); Eleanor Barbanes Wilkinson(Author)

    Regular Price: $70.00

    Special Price: $29.98

    ISBN: 9781785701115
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    Series: BANEA Monograph
    Volume: 4
    The city of Carchemish in the valley of the Euphrates river can be regarded as one of the iconic sites in the Middle East, a mound complex known both for its own intrinsic qualities as the seat of later Hittite power and Neo-Hitti... .... Learn More
  2. Tille Höyük 3.2

    Tille Höyük 3.2: The Iron Age: Pottery, Objects and Conclusions [Hardback]

    Stuart Blaylock(Author)


    ISBN: 9781898249375
    Published by : British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara
    Tille Höyük 3.2 is one of the few Iron Age sites to have been excavated on the River Euphrates between Malatya and Carchemish on the Turco-Syrian border, at a crossing point on the west bank of the Euphrates, an area now... .... Learn More
  3. EAC Guidelines for the Use of Geophysics in Archaeology

    EAC Guidelines for the Use of Geophysics in Archaeology: Questions to Ask and Points to Consider [Spiralbound]

    Armin Schmidt(Author); Paul Linford(Author); Neil Linford(Author); Andrew David(Author); Chris Gaffney(Author)


    ISBN: 9789639911734
    Published by : Archaeolingua
    Series: EAC Guidelines
    Volume: 2
    The aim of the guidelines of the European Archaeological Council (EAC) is to provide an overview of the issues
    to be considered when undertaking or commissioning geophysical survey in archaeology. As every project differs in it... .... Learn More
  4. Tille Höyük 3.1 + Tille Höyuk 3.2 (bundle)

    Tille Höyük 3.1 + Tille Höyuk 3.2 (bundle) [Hardback]

    Stuart Blaylock(Author)


    ISBN: 9781898249405
    Published by : British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara
    Tille Höyük 3.1 presents the structures and stratigraphy of the important Iron Age sequence at Tille Höyuek, a mound at a crossing of the Euphrates in eastern Turkey. The site, which was excavated between 1979 and ... .... Learn More
  5. Micromorphological Analysis of Activity Areas Sealed by Vesuvius’ Avellino Eruption

    Micromorphological Analysis of Activity Areas Sealed by Vesuvius’ Avellino Eruption: The Early Bronze Age Village of Afragola in Southern Italy [Paperback]

    Tiziana Matarazzo(Author)


    ISBN: 9781784912116
    Published by : Archaeopress Archaeology
    The remarkable preservation of the Early Bronze Age village of Afragola on the Campania Plain of Southern Italy is unmatched in Europe. The site was buried under nearly a meter of volcanic ash deposited by the Avellino eruption of... .... Learn More
  6. The Home Front in Britain 1914-1918

    The Home Front in Britain 1914-1918: An Archaeological Handbook [Paperback]

    Wayne D. Cocroft(Editor); John Schofield(Editor); Catrina Appleby(Editor)


    ISBN: 9781909990012
    Published by : Council for British Archaeology
    Series: CBA Practical Handbook
    Volume: 22
    This latest CBA Practical Handbook forms part of the CBA-led project to record the physical legacy of the First World War on the Home Front in the UK. The book provides invaluable background information for anyone interested in id... .... Learn More
  7. Experiments Past

    Experiments Past: Histories of Experimental Archaeology [Paperback]

    Jodi Reeves Flores(Editor); Roeland Paardekooper(Editor)


    ISBN: 9789088902512
    Published by : Sidestone Press
    With Experiments Past the important role that experimental archaeology has played in the development of archaeology is finally uncovered and understood. Experimental archaeology is a method to attempt to replicate archaeological a... .... Learn More
  8. Ancient Lives New Discoveries

    Ancient Lives New Discoveries: Eight Mummies, Eight Stories [Paperback]

    John H. Taylor(Author); Daniel Antoine(Author)


    ISBN: 9780714119120
    Published by : British Museum Press
    In recent years, British Museum curators have collaborated with scientists and medical experts to find new ways of studying ancient Egyptian mummies. Ever-developing, non-invasive scanning techniques have produced astonishing resu... .... Learn More
  9. Neighbours and Successors of Rome

    Neighbours and Successors of Rome: Traditions of Glass Production and use in Europe and the Middle East in the Later 1st Millennium AD [Hardback]

    Daniel Keller(Editor); Jennifer Price(Editor); Caroline Jackson(Editor)


    ISBN: 9781782973973
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    Presented through 20 case studies covering Europe and the Near East, Neighbours and Successors of Rome investigates development in the production of glass and the mechanisms of the wider glass economy as part of a wider material c... .... Learn More
  10. Experimental Archaeology and Theory

    Experimental Archaeology and Theory: Recent Approaches to Archaeological Hypotheses [Paperback]

    Frederick W. F. Foulds(Editor)


    ISBN: 9781842177662
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    Experimental Archaeology is a volume which aims to bridge the gap in archaeology between empirical testing and humanistic approaches to understanding the material record. The contributors explore a wide variety of different fields... .... Learn More

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