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  1. Human Mobility in Archaeology

    Human Mobility in Archaeology: Practices, Representations and Meanings [Paperback]

    Maja Gori(Editor); Martina Revello Lami(Editor); Alessandro Pintucci(Editor)


    ISBN: 9781789691214
    Published by : Archaeopress Archaeology
    Series: Ex Novo
    Volume: 3
    It has been abundantly demonstrated that theories and paradigms in the humanities are influenced by historical, economic and socio-cultural conditions, which have profoundly influenced archaeology’s representation of migratio... .... Learn More
  2. The Archaeology of Household

    The Archaeology of Household [Paperback]

    Gabriella Kovacs(Editor); Ivan Briz i. Godino(Editor); B. Berzsenyi(Editor)

    Regular Price: $55.00

    Special Price: $41.25

    ISBN: 9781789252125
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    From the simplest hunter-gatherer society to the most powerful Empire, all societies are built on basic daily life, developed day to day with its specific material conditions. Household archaeology looks at the detail of the living... .... Learn More
  3. Sentidos indisciplinados

    Sentidos indisciplinados [Paperback]

    Roberto Pellini(Editor)


    ISBN: 9788416725106
    Published by : JAS Arqueologia
    . .... Learn More
  4. Cahokia

    Cahokia: City of the Cosmos [Paperback]

    John Kelly(Author); James A. Brown(Author)

    Regular Price: $34.95

    Special Price: $26.25

    ISBN: 9781785708855
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    Series: American Landscapes
    Volume: 6
    The large American Indian city of Cahokia sits amidst a diverse natural landscape within the larger central Mississippi river valley. Well positioned on the rich agricultural soils of the Mississippi river bottomlands of the Amer... .... Learn More
  5. Funerary Archaeology and Changing Identities: Community Practices in Roman-Period Sardinia

    Funerary Archaeology and Changing Identities: Community Practices in Roman-Period Sardinia [Paperback]

    Mauro Puddu(Author)


    ISBN: 9781789690002
    Published by : Archaeopress Archaeology
    Three main research-questions intertwine in this volume. These are, first, the theoretical issue of how we can infer identities from archaeology; second, what is the material relationship between Sardinia's communities and the Roma... .... Learn More
  6. Combineren en deduceren

    Combineren en deduceren [Paperback]

    J.N. Lanting(Author)


    ISBN: 9789492444783
    Published by : Barkhuis
    Dit boek bevat vijf langere en twee korte artikelen, die los van elkaar staan. De twee korte verhalen zijn een aanvulling op een artikel in Kritische nabeschouwingen (2015), en een korte verhandeling over een onversierde beker uit ... .... Learn More
  7. The Secret Life of Memorials

    The Secret Life of Memorials: Through the Memory Lens of the Australian South Sea Islanders [Paperback]

    Julie Mitchell(Author)


    ISBN: 9781789690958
    Published by : Archaeopress Archaeology
    The Australian South Sea Islander (ASSI) minority community has a contested indentured labour background and involvement in the Australian sugar cane industry which has resulted in a consequent paucity of material culture and other... .... Learn More
  8. Archaeological Heritage Conservation and Management

    Archaeological Heritage Conservation and Management [Paperback]

    Brian J. Egloff(Author)


    ISBN: 9781789691054
    Published by : Archaeopress Access Archaeology
    Archaeological heritage conservation is all too often highly conflicted and fraught with pitfalls in part due to a poor understanding of the historical and current underpinnings that guide best practice. When heritage places are ma... .... Learn More
  9. Roots of Nationhood

    Roots of Nationhood: The Archaeology and History of Scotland [Paperback]

    Louisa Campbell(Editor); Dene Wright(Editor); Nicola A. Hall(Editor)


    ISBN: 9781784919825
    Published by : Archaeopress Archaeology
    In a break away from the traditional mono-disciplinary scope of academic enquiry, this volume sets forth a challenge for practitioners within, and outwith archaeology to develop multi-disciplinary approaches in the study of identit... .... Learn More
  10. Narratives and Journeys in Rock Art

    Narratives and Journeys in Rock Art: A Reader [Paperback]

    George Nash(Editor); Aron Mazel(Editor)


    ISBN: 9781784915605
    Published by : Archaeopress Archaeology
    Why publish a Reader? Today, it is relatively easy and convenient to switch on your computer and download an academic paper. However, as many scholars have experienced, historic references are difficult to access. Moreover, some ar... .... Learn More

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