New Perspectives on Early Neolithic Enclosures [Paperback]

Jonathan Last(Editor)

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ISBN: 9781789256314 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Series: Neolithic Studies Group | Volume: 18 | Year of Publication: 2021 | 224p, H9.4 x W6.7, B/w
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New Perspectives on Early Neolithic Enclosures


This volume originates from the Neolithic Studies Group meeting in November 2019. The main aims of the conference were: first, to showcase and explore the range of current work on causewayed enclosures and related sites across the academic and development-led sectors; and, second, to assess what we still want to know about these sites in light of the monumental achievement of Gathering Time (Whittle et al. 2011).

Much archaeological work is concerned with identifying gaps in knowledge and developing strategies for addressing them, and we perhaps spend less time thinking about how we proceed when we already know, relatively speaking, quite a lot. In the case of causewayed enclosures the research published in Gathering Time provides both a far more precise chronology for many individual sites as well as the phenomenon as a whole, and a new interpretation of their significance and their place in the story of the British Early Neolithic. But in the last few years new discoveries have been made, older excavations published, and further work undertaken on known sites. Viewing this research within the framework set out in Gathering Time allows us to assess where our understanding of enclosures has got to and where the focus of future research should lie for what is now arguably the best known type of Neolithic monument.

The papers collected here comprise reports on recent development-led fieldwork, academic research and community projects, and the volume concludes with a reflection by the authors of Gathering Time.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction: researching the well-known - Jonathan Last

2 Recent Work at Robinhood’s Ball, Wiltshire - Olaf Bayer, David Griffiths, Anthony Johnson & William Wintle

3 Still Searching: was there a causewayed enclosure tradition in Scotland? - Kenneth Brophy & Tessa Poller

4 A Demographic Perspective on Burial Practice at Early Neolithic Enclosures in South-East England - Dawn Cansfield

5 The Freston Causewayed Enclosure, Suffolk: the first research excavation and the site in its East Anglian context - Tristan Carter, Nat Jackson, Rose Moir, Dana Challinor & Charlotte Diffey

6 Neolithic Tor Enclosures in South-West England - Simon Davies

7 ‘Gathering Space’ - Dave Durkin

8 Talking tough? The making of close-set multivallate causewayed enclosures – Paul Garwood

9 The Causewayed Enclosure at Hembury Hillfort, East Devon - Frances Griffith & Eileen Wilkes

10 Butts Brow: Coombe Hill’s Counterpart? Initial excavations at an early Neolithic enclosure monument in Eastbourne - Stephen Patton

11 ‘On the Surface’ - Josh Pollard

12 The Discovery and Excavation of a Causewayed Enclosure at Riding Court Farm, Datchet - John Powell

13 Structural and Sequential Complexity in Causewayed Enclosures: implications from Dorstone Hill - Keith Ray & Julian Thomas

14 Gathering Time for Harlow - Robin Webb

15 Made ‘In’ Hembury - Angie Wickenden

16 Gathering Thoughts: another decade of causewayed enclosures - Alasdair Whittle, Frances Healy & Alex Bayliss

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