Old English Lexicology and Lexicography: Essays in Honor of Antonette diPaolo Healey [Hardback]

Maren Clegg Hyer(Editor); Haruko Momma(Editor); Samantha Zacher(Editor); Andy Orchard(Contributor); Christine Rauer(Contributor)

ISBN: 9781843845614 | Published by: D.S. Brewer | Series: Anglo-Saxon Studies | Volume: 40 | Year of Publication: 2020 | 312p, H9.25 x W6.25, 2 b/w illus.
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Old English Lexicology and Lexicography


Dedicated to honoring the remarkable achievements of Dr Antonette di Paolo Healey, the architect and lexicographer of the Old English Concordance, the Dictionary of Old English Web Corpus, and the Dictionary of Old English, the essays in this volume reflect firsthand the research made possible by Dr. Healey's landmark contributions to her field. Each chapter highlights how the careful consideration and study of words can lead to greater insights, from an understanding of early medieval English concepts of time and identity, to reconceptualizations of canonical Old English poems, reappraisals of early medieval English authors and their works, greater understanding of the semantic fields of Old English words and manuscript traditions, and the solving of lexical puzzles.

MAREN CLEGG HYER is Professor of English at Valdosta State University; HARUKO MOMMA is Professor of English at NewYork University; SAMANTHA ZACHER is Professor of English and Medieval Studies at Cornell University.

Contributors: Brianna Daigneault, Damian Fleming, Roberta Frank, Robert Getz, Joyce Hill, Joan Holland, Maren Clegg Hyer, Christopher A. Jones, R.M. Liuzza, Haruko Momma, Katherine O'Brien O'Keeffe, Andy Orchard, Stephen Pelle, Christine Rauer, Terri Sanderson, Donald Scragg, Paul Szarmach, M. J. Toswell, Audrey Walton, Samantha Zacher.

Table of Contents

Introduction - Maren Clegg Hyer and Haruko Momma and Samantha Zacher
Beowulf and the Art of Invention - Andy Orchard
Juliana 53a Revisited (hætsð hæþenweoh) - Robert Getz
Wounds and Compensation in the Old English Soul and Body Poems - Christopher A Jones
Defining and Refining: Ælfric's Access to Gregory's Homiliae in Evangelia - Joyce Hill
Lambeth Homily 4 and the Textual Tradition of the Visio Pauli - Stephen Pelle
'A Vision of Souls': Charity, Judgment, and the Utility of the Old English Vision of St. Paul - Haruko Momma
The Vocabulary of Sin and the Eight Cardinal Sins - Paul E Szarmach
The King (and Queen) and 'I': Self-Construction in Some Anglo-Saxon Royal Documents - Katherine O'Brien O'Keeffe
Anglo-Saxon Maccabees: Political Theology in Ælfric's Lives of Saints - Samantha Zacher
Nunne in Early Old English: Misogyny in its Literary Context - Christine Rauer
Cingulum est custodiam: Semiotics and the Semantic Range of gyrdels - Maren Clegg Hyer
Island Time: The English Day and the Christian Hours - Roy M Liuzza
'Revising Hell': The Voices of Teachers in Anglo-Saxon Studies and Anglo-Saxon England - Damian Fleming
Cryptography and the Lexicographer: Codifying the Code - Donald G Scragg
Genre and the Dictionary of Old English - Jane Toswell
Reading Beowulf with Isidore's Etymologies - Roberta Frank

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