On the Theory and Practice of Archaeological Computing [Paperback]

Gary Lock(Author); Kayt Brown(Author)

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ISBN: 9780947816513 | Published by: Oxford University School of Archaeology | Year of Publication: 2000 | Language: English 154p, b/w illus, tbs
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On the Theory and Practice of Archaeological Computing


These nine papers, based on the 4th World Archaeological Congress held in South Africa in 1999, take a critical view of computer usage in archaeology and study its impact on the discipline and especially in terms of archaeological method and theory. Contents: Introduction (Gark Lock & Kayt Brown) ; Computers and archaeological cultural change (J Huggett) ; Archaeological computing and disciplinary theory (J Gidlow) ; Mathematics and computers (H Forsyth) ; Virtual reality (G Goodrick & M Gillings) ; Archaeological archives for the 21st century (F Grew) ; Intellectual excavation (A Beck) ; English sites and monuments records (B Robinson) ; Can computers help aerial survey? (R Palmer) ; Is there such a thing as `Computer Archaeology'?

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"This is a book that should be on all course reading lists. It is a valuable addition to the literature on the effects of the ICT revolution on archaeology."
Julien D Richards
Internet Archaeology (2001)

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