Studies in the Roman and Medieval Archaeology of Exeter: Exeter, A Place in Time Volume II [Hardback]

Stephen Rippon(Editor); Neil Holbrook(Editor)

ISBN: 9781789256192 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Year of Publication: 2021 | 656p, H11.7 x W8.3, color
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Studies in the Roman and Medieval Archaeology of Exeter


This second volume presenting the research carried out through the Exeter: A Place in Time project presents a series of specialist contributions that underpin the general overview published in the first volume. Chapter 2 provides summaries of the excavations carried out within the city of Exeter between 1812 and 2019, while Chapter 3 draws together the evidence for the plan of the legionary fortress and the streets and buildings of the Roman town. Chapter 4 presents the medieval documentary evidence relating to the excavations at three sites in central Exeter (High Street, Trichay Street and Goldsmith Street), with the excavation reports being in Chapter 5-7. Chapter 8 reports on the excavations and documentary research at Rack Street in the south-east quarter of the city. There follows a series of papers covering recent research into the archaeometallurgical debris, dendrochronology, Roman pottery, Roman ceramic building material, Roman querns and millstones, Claudian coins, an overview of the Roman coins from Exeter and Devon, medieval pottery, and the human remains found in a series of medieval cemeteries.

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Chapter 1: Introduction: Studies in the Roman and Medieval Archaeology of Exeter by Stephen Rippon and Neil Holbrook

Chapter 2: Summaries of the Excavations Within the City of Exeter 1812-2019 by David Gould, Andrew Pye and Stephen Rippon

Chapter 3: The Evidence for the Plan of the Legionary Fortress and the Streets and Buildings of the Roman Town by Paul Bidwell and David Gould

Section 3.1 The plan and buildings of the legionary fortress at Exeter by Paul Bidwell

Section 3.2 Gazetteer of observations of the streets associated with the fortress and early town by David Gould

Section 3.3 Gazetteer of observations of the streets associated with the expanded later town by David Gould

Section 3.4 Gazetteer of buildings associated with the early town by David Gould

Section 3.5 Gazetteer of buildings associated with the later town by David Gould

Chapter 4: Medieval Documentary Evidence Relating to the High Street, Trichay Street and Goldsmith Street Excavations by John Allan

Chapter 5: Excavations at Trichay Street and Pancras Lane, 1972-3 by Nicky Garland, John Allan and Neil Holbrook

Chapter 6: Excavations at Goldsmith Street Area III, 1971-2 by Neil Holbrook, John Allan and Jonathan Hart

Chapter 7: Excavations at 196-7 High Street, 1972-4 by John Allan, Nicky Garland and Neil Holbrook

Chapter 8: Excavations at Rack Street, 1974-5 and 1977-8 by Nicky Garland, Neil Holbrook and John Allan

Chapter 9: The Faunal Remains from Exeter, 1976-1990 by Malene Lauritsen

Chapter 10: Archaeometallurgy: An Assessment of Roman and Medieval Crucibles and Other Possible Metalworking Debris by David Dungworth and Carlotta Gardner

Chapter 11: Dendrochronology: The Roman and Medieval Timbers from Exeter by Cathy Tyers

Chapter 12: Pottery Supply in Roman Exeter and the South-West by Paul Bidwell, with contributions by Kamal Badreshany and Roger T. Taylor

Chapter 13.1: Roman Ceramic Building Material: Introduction by Stephen Rippon and Neil Holbrook

Chapter 13.2: Roman Brick and Tile Production in Devon by Sara Machin

Chapter 13.3: An Analysis of the Roman Ceramic Building Material Industry in Devon Using pXRF by Peter Warry

Chapter 14: The Querns and Millstones of Roman Exeter: Supplying and Feeding the Town by Ruth Shaffrey

Chapter 15: Can Analysis of Claudian Bronze Coins Found at Exeter Usefully Contribute to the Debate for an ‘Earlier’ or ‘Later’ Claudio-Neronian Origin for the Legionary Fortress? By Robert Kenyon

Chapter 16; The Roman Coins from Exeter and its Hinterland by Andrew Brown and Sam Moorhead

Chapter 17: The Local, Regional and Other North European Pottery, 900–1550 by John Allan, with contributions from Michael Hughes and Roger T. Taylor

Chapter 18: The South European Pottery, 900-1550 by Alejandra Gutiérrez, Hugo Blake, Kamal Badreshany, and Michael J Hughes

Chapter 19: Exeter’s Medieval Cemeteries: a Bioarchaeological Analysis by Mandy Kingdom

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