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  1. Fernando Pessoa

    Fernando Pessoa: A Quasi Memoir [Paperback]

    José Paulo Cavalcanti(Author)


    ISBN: 9788869771811
    Published by : Mimesis International
    Series: Literature
    Writing a biography about Pessoa is a seemingly impossible task. The great Portuguese poet did not have just one life, but his existence virtually exploded in over a hundred different personalities. Only by placing oneself close to... .... Learn More
  2. Copernicus Banned

    Copernicus Banned: The entangled matter of the anti-copernican decree of 1616 [Hardback]

    Natacha Fabbri(Editor); Federica Favino(Editor)


    ISBN: 9788822265845
    Published by : Ad Ilissum
    This book, consisting of nine essays on the causes, on the figures involved and on the consequences of the decree, sheds light on various philosophical, theological, political and cultural aspects of the discussions that arose arou... .... Learn More
  3. Venti Donne in Toscana

    Venti Donne in Toscana [Hardback]

    Silvio Balloni(Editor)


    ISBN: 9788859618980
    Published by : Edizioni Polistampa
    The book focuses on twenty women who were born in Florence (Italy), or have long lived there identifying themselves tout court with the city. These short biographies reconstruct the history of the female presence in culture, arts a... .... Learn More
  4. The Life and Works of W.G. Collingwood

    The Life and Works of W.G. Collingwood: A wayward compass in Lakeland [Paperback]

    Malcolm Craig(Author)


    ISBN: 9781784918712
    Published by : Archaeopress Archaeology
    The son of a watercolour artist, William Gershom Collingwood (1854-1932) studied at University College, Oxford where he met John Ruskin, whose secretary he later became and with whom he shared a wide range of interests. Collingwood... .... Learn More
  5. Debussy's Resonance

    Debussy's Resonance [Hardback]

    François de Médicis(Editor); Steven Huebner(Editor)


    ISBN: 9781580465250
    Published by : University of Rochester Press
    Series: Eastman Studies in Music
    Volume: Volume 150
    The music of Claude Debussy has always been widely beloved by listeners and performers alike, more perhaps than that of any of the other pioneers of musical modernism. However rich in itself, his creative output also participated, ... .... Learn More
  6. Winifred Lamb

    Winifred Lamb: Aegean Prehistorian and Museum Curator [Paperback]

    David W. J. Gill(Author)


    ISBN: 9781784918798
    Published by : Archaeopress Archaeology
    Winifred Lamb was a pioneering archaeologist in the Aegean and Anatolia. She studied classics at Newnham College, Cambridge, and subsequently served in naval intelligence alongside J. D. Beazley during the final stages of the First... .... Learn More
  7. Jay

    Jay: European Connections of a Bronze Age Scholar [Hardback]

    H. Steegstra()


    ISBN: 9789492444578
    Published by : Barkhuis
    The archaeologist and Bronze Age metal specialist Dr Jay J. Butler (1921-2014) was a kind, warmhearted man, averse to hype and ostentation, who was happy to share his knowledge in non-academic language both with professionals and i... .... Learn More
  8. L’arca della morte

    L’arca della morte: 10.000 giorni nelle prigioni comuniste [Paperback]

    Pjetër Filip Arbnori(Author); Dario Fertilio(Editor)


    ISBN: 9788856403817
    Published by : Edizioni Polistampa
    Series: VS
    Volume: 1
    Pjetër Arbnori, an Albanian activist who died in 2006, spent over twenty-eight years in jail for opposing Enver Hoxha’s fierce dictatorship. His diary tells the story of a prison in which hygiene is scarce, violence is a... .... Learn More
  9. Geni Toscani

    Geni Toscani: Dante, Petrarca, Boccaccio, Giotto, Brunelleschi, Donatello, Masaccio, Luca Della Robbia, Botticelli, Leonardo raccontati ai ragazzi [Paperback]


    ISBN: 9788856302462
    Published by : Edizioni Polistampa
    Series: Il Segnalibro
    Volume: 77
    Tuscany is reknown for its enchanting landscapes and endless artistic treasures. But this land has also been home to extraordinary men, who left an indelible mark on History. Writers, painters, sculptors, architects, engineers, sci... .... Learn More
  10. America e altri scritti

    America e altri scritti [Paperback]

    Rodolfo Marma(Author); Marisa Marmaioli(Editor)


    ISBN: 9788856403848
    Published by : Edizioni Polistampa
    Series: Storie del mondo
    Volume: 34
    The Florentine painter Rodolfo Marmaioli (1923-1998), also known as “Marma”, moved to the United States around 1950 to reach his wife Geraldine. In his memoirs he tells about the long wait to get a visa, the anxiety for... .... Learn More

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