Ceramics in America 2019 [Hardback]

Robert Hunter(Editor)

ISBN: 9780986385759 | Published by: Chipstone Foundation | Series: Ceramics in America Annual | Volume: 19 | Year of Publication: 2020 | Language: English 272p, H11 x W8.5, 220
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Ceramics in America 2019


The 2019 of Ceramics in America will feature ground-breaking discoveries for students of American ceramic history. Of special note will be the discussion of green-glazed earthenware produced by Philadelphia entrepreneur David Sexias in 1817. Other articles will examine early American porcelain and slipware in the Philadelphia context. The story of an extremely rare early eighteenth century Dutch “black delft” teapot found at Drayton Hall in Charleston, South Carolina will be of particular interest as well. Other topics include American stoneware, seventeenth-century Chesapeake tobacco pipes, and a rare nineteenth-century Southern-made stoneware ring bottle associated with Dr. Peter Davis of Columbia, South Carolina, a practicing root doctor and conjurer.

Table of Contents

A Tale of Two American Pottery Kilns
Robert Hunter and Oliver Mueller-Heubach

The Search for the Green-Glaze Potter of Philadelphia
Deborah Miller

Geochemistry Of 18th Century Hybrid Hard-Paste And True Porcelain Artifacts Excavated In Philadelphia
J. Victor Owen, Evan M. Owen, John D. Greenough, Deborah Miller, and Brandon Boucher

Creolization of the Northeastern Woodland American Indian Tobacco Pipe
Taft Kiser and Al Luckenbach

New Discoveries in 18th Century Philadelphia Slipware
Robert Hunter and Deborah Miller

My Quest for a Rare Dutch Black Delftware Teapot
Joseph P. Gromacki

The Hoodoo Ring Bottle of Dr. Peter Davis
Robert Hunter

One of the Earliest Pieces of Chinese Porcelain in Virginia
Ronald W. Fuchs II

American Classicism: The Barbarini Vase at Drayton Hall
Robert Hunter, Carter Hudgins, and Susan Buck

A Manhattan Made Stoneware Native American Portrait Jug
Robert Hunter

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