Dizionario enciclopedico della ceramica: Storia, arte, tecnologia (tomo II - DEFGHIJK) [Hardback]

Pier Giorgio Burzacchini(Author)

ISBN: 9788859616375 | Published by: Edizioni Polistampa | Year of Publication: 2017 | 344p, H12 x W9.4, Color Illustrations
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Dizionario enciclopedico della ceramica


Pottery is one of the oldest human activities and has always accompanied the various civilizations, following their economic, artistic, and technical development. The dictionary, addressed to scholars as well as non-specialists, covers every aspect of this wide subject where art is intertwined with technology, thus providing an exhaustive overview on topics such as production processes and conservation, raw materials, technical features, long-time perspectives. A necessary tool for anyone who wants to investigate or gather information on artifacts and artists, history and popular culture, not to mention the great possibilities offered by modern research.

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