Lo strano caso di Elia Coen [Paperback]

David Leone(Author)

ISBN: 9788890660344 | Published by: Edizioni Polistampa | Series: Narrativa Italiana | Year of Publication: 2017 | 168p, H7.9 x W4.5,
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Lo strano caso di Elia Coen


This is the story of Elia Coen, a story both new and eternal about a child born half man and half wolf. Once grown up, he wants to escape from the family who raised, loved and... oppressed him, such a very bad example of bourgeois hypocrisy. He flees from fear into a new, terrible anguish. He is formed, also transformed, looking for serenity and familiar normality. He goes through many reckless, grotesque, magic, lustful, fairytale, tragicomic moments. But nevertheless Leone’s werewolf, like the Elephant Man, Edward Scissorhands, Pinocchio and Dr. Jekyll, is not just the character of a fairy tale: we’ll find so many hidden meanings here. And we will suffer, be afraid and feel naked, recognizing in Elia Coen our inadequacy, diversity and bestiality looking for redemption.

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