Musical Exchange between Britain and Europe, 1500-1800: Essays in Honour of Peter Holman [Hardback]

John Cunningham(Editor); Bryan White(Editor)

ISBN: 9781783274925 | Published by: Boydell Press | Series: Music in Britain, 1600-2000 | Volume: Volume 25 | Year of Publication: 2020 | 432p, H9.25 x W6.25, 25 black and white, 77 line drawing
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Musical Exchange between Britain and Europe, 1500-1800


This book explores the exchange of music, musicians and musical practice between Britain and the Continent in the period c.1500-1800. Inspired by Peter Holman's research and performing activities, the essays in the volume develop the theme of exchange and dialogue through the lenses of people, practices and repertory and consider the myriad ways in which musical culture participated in the dynamic relationship between Europe and Britain. Key areas addressed are music and travel; music publishing; émigré musicians; performing practice; dissemination of music and musical practice; and instruments. Holman's work has revealed the mechanisms by which continental practices were adapted to local circumstances and has helped to show that Britain enjoyed a vigorous musical culture in the long eighteenth century, in which native proponents produced original works of quality and interest and did not simply copy continental models. Following avenues opened up by Holman' scholarship, contributors to this volume explore a variety of ways in which the cross-fertilization of music and musicians has enriched European, and especially British, culture of the early modern period.

JOHN CUNNINGHAM is a Reader and Director of Research at the School of Music and Media, Bangor University.

BRYAN WHITE is Senior Lecturer and Director of Research at the School of Music, University of Leeds

Table of Contents

'Qui en ont porté la connoissance dans les autres Royaumes': The Transmission of Music for Viols by Emigrant Composers in Seventeenth-Century England
'The Tunes of the usual French Dances at COURT and DANCING SCHOOLS': The Repertoire and Musical Practice of Dancing Masters in Restoration England
'An Inexhaustible Treasure of Harmony'? Composition and Variation in William Babell's Twenty-four Solos
The Fashion for Corelli in Eighteenth-Century England
'After the Italian manner': Finger, Pepusch and the First Concertos in England
Geminiani's Minuets in Britain and on the Continent
Battles and Bransles: The Role of the Swiss Pair in Early Modern Courtly Society
Lost in Translation?: Louis Grabu and John Dryden's Albion and Albanius
The Figuring of Bass Parts in German Dance Music from the Second Half of the Seventeenth Century; What it Tells us About their Performance
Harmonic Language and Playing Style of English 'Continued Bass' in the Seventeenth Century
Melodic Aspects of the Cadential Six-Four in Eighteenth-Century Music
'Before him stood sundry sweet Singers of this our Israel': The Chorus Singers for Handel's London Oratorio Performances
'Seven Young Hautboys': The Impact of German Hautboisten on English Musical Life, 1680-1800
British Concert Repertoire and its Dispersal in Europe: Sets of Parts in the Utile Dulci Library, Stockholm
Angelo Notari and the English Court
The Elusive Identity of John Playford
James Sherard as Music Collector
New Light on William Corbett's Gresham College Bequest
Philip Hayes and the Preservation and Dissemination of Purcell's Music in Eighteenth-Century England
Rameau and the English
Stephen Storace as a Disciple of Mozart
Working with Peter Holman: From a Seat in The Parley of Instruments
Peter Holman: A Family Memoir
The Works of Peter Holman

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