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  1. Market as Place and Space of Economic Exchange

    Market as Place and Space of Economic Exchange: Perspectives from Archaeology and Anthropology [Paperback]

    Hans Peter Hahn (Editor); Geraldine Schmitz (Editor)

    Regular Price: $55.00

    Special Price: $41.25

    ISBN: 9781785708930
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    In the context of commodification, material culture has particular properties hitherto considered irrelevant or neglected. First, the market is a spatial structure, assigning special properties to the things offered: the goods and... .... Learn More




    ISBN: 9788869771422
    Published by : Mimesis International
    Montesquieu is the first political writer who scientifically studies all human institutions, ancient and modern, Asiatic and European, African and American; the first to formulate the principles of the separation of powers and the independence of ... .... Learn More
  3. Bristol: An Archaeological Assessment

    Bristol: An Archaeological Assessment: A Worshipful Town and Famous City [Hardback]

    Nigel Baker (Author); Jonathan Brett (Author); Robert Jones (Author)

    Regular Price: $59.99

    Special Price: $44.99

    ISBN: 9781785708770
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    Bristol is a major city and port in the south-west of England. In medieval times, it became the third largest city in the kingdom, behind London and York. Bristol was founded in the late Saxon period and grew rapidly in the 12th a... .... Learn More
  4. Gramsci on Religion

    Gramsci on Religion: Text and Context [Paperback]

    Cosimo Zene (Author)


    ISBN: 9788869770784
    Published by : Mimesis International
    This edited volume aims to provide a wide-ranging presentation and analysis of Gramsci’s writings on religion for the Anglophone world. While some articles concentrate mainly on the Prison Notebooks (Boothman, Frosini, Green... .... Learn More
  5. The Wealth of England

    The Wealth of England: The Medieval Wool trade and Its Political Importance 1100–1600 [Hardback]

    Susan Rose (Author)


    ISBN: 9781785707360
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    The wool trade was undoubtedly one of the most important elements of the British economy throughout the medieval period - even the seat occupied by the speaker of the House of lords rests on a woolsack. In The Wealth of England Susan Rose brings t... .... Learn More
  6. Conservative Revolutionaries

    Conservative Revolutionaries: Transformation and Tradition in the Religious and Political Thought of Charles Chauncy and Jonathan Mayhew [Paperback]

    John S. Oakes (Author)


    ISBN: 9780227176764
    Published by : James Clarke & Co
    Boston Congregationalist ministers Charles Chauncy (1705–1787) and Jonathan Mayhew (1720–1766) were significant political as well as religious leaders in colonial and revolutionary New England. Scholars have often stre... .... Learn More
  7. Financing the World

    Financing the World [Hardback]

    Keith Hollender (Author)


    ISBN: 9781907427749
    Published by : Spink Books
    The third book by Keith Hollender on financial history, Financing the World focuses on the events and entrepreneurs that shaped the world of finance we know today. ... .... Learn More
  8. Arqueología y Neoliberalismo

    Arqueología y Neoliberalismo [Paperback]

    Pablo Aparicio Resco (Editor)


    ISBN: 9788494436864
    Published by : JAS Arqueologia
    - .... Learn More
  9. Nuova Antologia - a. CLII, n. 2282, aprile-giugno 2017

    Nuova Antologia - a. CLII, n. 2282, aprile-giugno 2017: Rivista di lettere, scienze ed arti. Serie trimestrale fondata da Giovanni Spadolini [Paperback]


    ISBN: 9788859617440
    Published by : Edizioni Polistampa
    Giovanni Spadolini, La cultura e Milano Giuseppe Antonio Borgese e la propaganda italiana all’estero (1914-1918) - I , a cura di Antonio Fiori Sergio Zavoli, La parola Giuseppe De Rita, Il consolato guelfo, una ipotesi di governo del futuro Massim... .... Learn More
  10. Transforming Faith Communities

    Transforming Faith Communities: A Comparative Study of Radical Christianity in Sixteenth-century Anabaptism and Late Twentieth-century Latin America [Paperback]

    Michael Ian Bochenski (Author)


    ISBN: 9780718894993
    Published by : Lutterworth Press
    Transforming Faith Communities draws upon a model for the church that combines congregationalism with a constructive approach to church-state relationships within a vision for a renewed Christendom, commended as a viable option for Christian missi... .... Learn More

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