Expo 2015: un’eredità carica di futuro [Paperback]

Tonino Bettanini(Author); Livia Pomodoro(Author)

ISBN: 9788856403220 | Published by: Edizioni Polistampa | Series: Passaparola | Year of Publication: 2016 | Language: Italian 176p, H8.3 x W5.9,
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Expo 2015: un’eredità carica di futuro


A magistrate and a spin doctor tell their dream to make Milan the capital city of food and nutrition, building an allegiance between Italian agricultural excellence, the world of higher education and research, and the sphere of no profit organizations and volunteering, following an international path which started with Expo 2015. The book shows how hard is to ensue a truly universal idea in Italy, and also sets the basic rules to put together the nations of the world around the claim of food as a right for everyone.

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