Castles, Siegeworks and Settlements: Surveying the Archaeology of the Twelfth Century [Paperback]

Duncan W. Wright(Editor); Oliver H. Creighton(Editor)

ISBN: 9781784914769 | Published by: Archaeopress Archaeology | Year of Publication: 2017 | Language: English 194p, H11.5 x W8, Illustrated throughout in color and black & white
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Castles, Siegeworks and Settlements


This volume comprises thirteen reports detailing fieldwork undertaken by a research project which sought to assess the archaeological evidence of the period of conflict that took place in mid-twelfth-century England popularly known as ‘the Anarchy’. The reign of King Stephen (ad 1135– 54) was characterised by a protracted struggle for power between forces loyal to the crown and those who supported the Angevin claim of his cousin and rival, the Empress Matilda. Alongside a succession of bitter rebellions the war also saw large-scale Scottish invasions into, and occupation of, large parts of northern England as well as border warfare on the marches between England and Wales and a struggle for control of Normandy. While the period is infamous for the proliferation of conflict, castle-building and siege warfare, and for a breakdown of royal government, its characterisation as ‘the Anarchy’ is now challenged by historians, however. As previous understanding of this tumultuous period had rested almost entirely upon interpretation of written sources, Anarchy? War and Status in Twelfth-Century Landscapes of Conflict was a programme of research which systematically studied the archaeology of mid-twelfth century England for the first time. A major component of the project was the targeted archaeological investigation of selected case study locations across England. Geophysical and topographic surveys were supplemented with archival, documentary and cartographic analyses in order to reveal the character and chronological development of a sample of potential Anarchy-period sites and landscapes. The current volume represents the product of these endeavours, presenting self-contained reports of the sites where these investigations took place, arranged alphabetically.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction: Surveying the Archaeology of Twelfth-Century England

Chapter 2 Burwell Castle, Cambridgeshire

Chapter 3 Castle Carlton, East Lindsey, Lincolnshire

Chapter 4 Corfe, ‘The Rings’, Dorset

Chapter 5 Crowmarsh Recreation Ground, South Oxfordshire

Chapter 6 Folly Hill, Faringdon, Oxfordshire

Chapter 7 Hailes Camp, Gloucestershire

Chapter 8 Hamstead Marshall, Castle I, Berkshire

Chapter 9 Malmebury, ‘Cams’s Hill’, Wiltshire

Chapter 10 Mountsorrel, Leicestershire

Chapter 11 Rampton, ‘Giant’s Hill’, Cambridgeshire

Chapter 12 Sudeley Castle, Gloucestershire

Chapter 13 Wellow, Nottinghamshire

Chapter 14 Woodwalton, ‘Church End’, Cambridgeshire

Chapter 15 Conclusion


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