Our Cups Are Full: Pottery and Society in the Aegean Bronze Age. Papers Presented to Jeremy B. Rutter on the Occasion of his 65th Birthday [Paperback]

Walter Gauss(Author); Michael Lindblom(Author); R. Angus K. Smith(Author); James C. Wright(Author); Walter Gauß(Editor); Michael Lindblom(Editor); R. Angus K. Smith(Editor)

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ISBN: 9781905739394 | Published by: Archaeopress Archaeology | Year of Publication: 2011 | 419p, H11.75 x W8.25, illustrated throughout
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Our Cups Are Full: Pottery and Society in the Aegean Bronze Age. Papers Presented to Jeremy B. Rutter on the Occasion of his 65th Birthday


38 papers on Aegean Bronze Age pottery in honour of Jeremy Rutter. They range from specific site reports, to technical reports, and issues of chronology, to analysis of the social and religious functions of particular vessel types, and studies of trade and cultural contacts.

Table of Contents


Jeremy Bentham Rutter: Bibliography

Memorandum on the Occasion of Jeremy B. Rutter’s Retirement from Dartmouth College

David A. Aston: The LH IIIA2–IIIB Transition: The Gurob and Saqqara Evidence Reassessed

Mario Benzi: Daskalio (Vathy), Kalymnos: A Late Bronze I Sacred Cave in the East Aegean

Philip P. Betancourt: The Diagonal Line Class Juglets: New Evidence from Hagios Charalambos

T.M. Brogan, Ch. Sofianou, and J.E. Morrison: In Search of the Upper Story of LM I House A.1 at Papadiokampos: An Integrated Architectural and Ceramic Perspective

William Cavanagh and Christopher Mee: Minding the Gaps in Early Helladic Laconia

Anna Lucia D’Agata: Subminoan: A Neglected Phase of the Cretan Pottery Sequence

Jeannette Forsén: Spoons to Fill the Cups

Elizabeth French: The Stirrup Jar: Does the West House Evidence Help or Complicate the Problems?

Walter GauSS, Michael Lindblom, and Rudolfine Smetana: The Middle Helladic Large Building Complex at Kolonna. A Preliminary View

Giampaolo Graziadio: Cretan Perfumed Oils at Enkomi (Cyprus) in the 13th Century B.C.?

Seán Hemingway: Early Helladic Vases from Zygouries in the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Cultural Ambassadors of an Early Age

Stefan Hiller: Palm and Altar

N. Hirschfeld: The Cypriot Ceramic Cargo of the Uluburun Shipwreck

Reinhard Jung: Mycenaean Vending Cups in Syria? Thoughts about the Unpainted Mycenaean Pottery from Tell Kazel

V. La Rosa: Preliminary Remarks about the Pottery from the So-called Grande Frana at Phaistos

Michael Lindblom and Sturt W. Manning: The Chronology of the Lerna Shaft Graves

Bartłomiej Lis and Štěpán Rückl: Our Storerooms Are Full. Impressed Pithoi from Late Bronze/Early Iron Age East Lokris and Phokis and their Socio-economic Significance

Joseph Maran: Contested Pasts—The Society of the 12th c. B.C.E. Argolid and the Memory of the Mycenaean Palatial Period

P. A. Mountjoy: An Update on the Provenance by Neutron Activation Analysis of Near Eastern Mycenaean IIIC Pottery Groups with Particular Reference to Cyprus

John K. Papadopoulos, Brian N. Damiata, and John M. Marston: Once More with Feeling: Jeremy Rutter’s Plea for the Abandonment of the Term Submycenaean Revisited

A. Philippa-Touchais and G. Touchais: Fragments of the Pottery Equipment of an Early Middle Helladic Household from Aspis, Argos

Daniel J. Pullen: Picking out Pots in Patterns: Feasting in Early Helladic Greece

Florian Ruppenstein: Early Helladic Peak Sanctuaries in Attica?

Robert Schon: Vox Clamantis in Campo: Further Thoughts on Ceramics and Site Survey

Maria C. Shaw: A Decorated Minoan Pyxis from House X at Kommos

Cynthia W. Shelmerdine: The ‘Friendly Krater’ from Iklaina

Susan Sherratt: Learning to Learn from Bronze Age Pots: A Perspective on Forty Years of Aegean Ceramic Studies in the Work of J.B. Rutter

R. Angus K. Smith: A Unique Late Minoan III Ring-shaped Vase from the Myrsini Aspropilia Cemetery

Sharon R. Stocker and Jack L. Davis: The Cyclades and Pylos: An Early Bronze Age Stone Pyxis from Ali Chodza

Philipp W. Stockhammer: An Aegean Glance at Megiddo

Patrick M. Thomas: Mycenaean Tablewares and the Curious Careers of the Angular Kylix and Shallow Angular Basin

A. Van de Moortel: The Phaistos Palace and the Kamares Cave: A Special Relationship

Melissa Vetters: Seats of Power? Making the Most of Miniatures—The Role of Terracotta Throne Models in Disseminating Mycenaean Religious Ideology

Salvatore Vitale: The Late Helladic IIIA2 Pottery from Mitrou and its Implications for the Chronology of the Mycenaean Mainland

Martha Heath Wiencke: “Ceremonial Lerna”

Malcolm H. Wiener: Conical Cups: From Mystery to History

James C. Wright and Mary K. Dabney: Interpreting Quantitative Analyses of Mycenaean Pottery

Assaf Yasur-Landau, Eric H. Cline, and Inbal Samet: Our Cups Overfloweth: “Kabri Goblets” and Canaanite Feasts in the Middle Bronze Age Levant

Reviews & Quotes

"This Festschrift is remarkably rich in content, a volume full of insightful papers which illustrate well the many new directions of research in Aegean pottery studies. This is a proper tribute to Jeremy B. Rutter. "
Judit Haas-Lebegyev
Bryn Mawr Classical Review (2013.02.41)

"The 38 distinct contributions in this volume reflect the enormous range and influence of Rutter's work over the past 40 years. […] This volume will no doubt achieve the wide readership that it deserves, especially among Greek prehistorians, and it is a fitting offering to a scholar who continues to enrich our understanding of all aspects of the early Greek world."
Dimitri Nakassis, University of Toronto
American Journal Of Archaeology (April 2013)

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