Ports in the Medieval European Atlantic: Shipping, Transport and Labour [Hardback]

Ana María Rivera Medina(Editor); Eduardo Aznar Vallejo(Contributor); Mathias Tranchant(Contributor); María Álvarez Fernández(Contributor); Ana María Rivera Medina(Editor); Ana María Rivera Medina(Contributor)

ISBN: 9781783276158 | Published by: Boydell Press | Year of Publication: 2021 | 222p, H9.25 x W6.25, 18 b/w. 1 line.
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Ports in the Medieval European Atlantic


This book responds to the increasing interest of maritime historians in the study of ports. These enclaves offer significant insights into a variety of subjects, including ships and shipping; trade, commodities, and consumption patterns; the economy, society and culture of port workers and port communities; and systems of regional and international integration. Based on extensive research in a wide range of European archives, the book provides much detailon the nature of ports in the medieval period, especially on the crucial subject of the operation of ports. Covering a range of ports in France, Spain, Portugal and the Canary Islands, the book contains a wealth of original research findings. It will be particularly welcomed by English-speaking scholars and others outside the region analysed, since it gives access to non-English-language archives, thereby considerably enriching the study of medieval portsbeyond ports in Britain and Ireland.

Table of Contents

Eduardo Aznar Vallejo

1. Defining Jurisdictional Frameworks for Maritime and Coastal Activities: The Example of the Atlantic Ports of the Kingdom of France in the Second Half of the Middle Ages
Mathias Tranchant
2. Basque Stevedoring and Cargo Handling Infrastructures (14th-16th Centuries)
Ana María Rivera Medina
3. Port Structures and Cargo Handling in Asturias and Galicia (13th-16th Centuries)
María Álvarez Fernández
4. Slave Trade and Northern Portuguese Seaport Operations in the Sixteenth Century
Amândio J.M. Barros
5. Transport and Shipping in the Portuguese Northern Border in the Sixteenth Century
Sara Pinto
6. Anchorages, Infrastructures and Stevedoring in Medieval Atlantic Andalusia
Enrique José Ruiz Pilares
7. Ports and Port Labour in Tenerife during the Transition from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age
Roberto J. González Zalacain

Conclusions: The Port Phenomenon of Medieval Atlantic Europe
Jesús Ángel Solórzano Telechea

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