Europa Postmediaevalis 2018: Post-medieval pottery between (its) borders [Paperback]

Gabriela Blazkova(Editor); Kristyna Matejkova(Editor)

ISBN: 9781789691887 | Published by: Archaeopress Archaeology | Year of Publication: 2019 | 310p, H11.75 x W8.25, Illustrated throughout in color and black & white
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Europa Postmediaevalis 2018


This anthology is a collection of works from the Europa Postmediaevalis conference held in Prague in the spring of 2018. As the name of the conference suggests, the subject of interest is the Early Modern period (15th to 18th century) and the manner in which this relatively young discipline within the field of archaeology is approached in Europe. The first year of the conference set the goal of searching for topics in post-medieval archaeology that reflect their current situation while simultaneously addressing a broader group of scholars. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that the central theme pursued by generations across Europe proved to be Early Modern ceramics, the large assemblages of which are, for many of us, the bread and butter of our daily lives – a delight and often a headache resulting from their further processing. Since this issue is the one perceived most acutely in the Czech Republic, the organisers decided to share their current quandaries in this field with both domestic and foreign colleagues. The long-term objective of the conference is to create a professional platform with a uniform communication language (English) and a biennial periodicity allowing scholars to meet regularly to exchange experience gained in their study and work in post-medieval archaeology. The articles published in this anthology reflect the current state of research of Early Modern pottery in individual European countries (the Czech Republic, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Switzerland), including both successes and possible shortcomings. The individual studies should serve as impulses for further study, ideas for thought and discussion and, last but not least, as study material for those who come into contact with Early Modern material culture as part of their work.

Table of Contents



Tânia Manuel Casimiro, José Pedro Henriques, Vanessa Filipe, Dário Neves – Pottery Use and Social Inequality in Mid-18th Century Lisbon. An Initial Approach

Marcella Giorgio – The Production and Export of Pisan Pottery in the 16th and 17th Centuries

Eva Roth Heege – A Potter’s Workshop from the Renaissance Period at Zug. Swiss Faience Production in the Second Half of the 16th Century

Ladislav Čapek, Michal Preusz – Changes in Pottery Production, Distribution and Consumption in the Post-medieval Period in the Southern Bohemia

Michał Starski – Post-medieval Pottery from Small Townships of Gdańsk Pomerania. A Preliminary Evaluation

Volker Demuth – Post-medieval Pottery in Norway – an International Affair

Mariana Almeida, Jaylson Monteiro – The Pottery Assemblage from the Trindade Archaeological Site, Santiago Island, Cabo Verde


Andreas Heege – Springfederdekor – Chattering – Décor guilloché – Hemrad dekor

Gabriela Blažková – Painted Pottery in Bohemia. Slipware of the 16th and the 17th Centuries

Kristýna Matějková – Bohemian Slipware from the Second Half of the 17th Century until the End of the 18th Century – a Lost Tradition?

Magdalena Bis – The White Pottery in Early Modern Poland: Local Production or Regional Fashion?

Maciej Trzeciecki – “Medieval” Greyware in Post-medieval Northeast Poland. Backwardness or Genius Loci?

Tünde Komori – The Topographical Distribution of Chinese Porcelain Sherds in Ottoman Buda and Eger Castle and its Implications

Ricardo Costeira da Silva – Lead-Glazed Ware from Coimbra: 1550–1600


Olga Krukowska – Heraldic Stove Tiles from Gdansk

Martina Wegner – Saxon Stove Tiles Among the Priorities of 3D Scanning and Bohemian Portraits

Michaela Balášová, Markéta Soukupová – Replication of the Renaissance Motifs: from Aristocratic Terracotta to Burgher House Stove Tiles

Ivana Škiljan – Early Modern Period Stove Tiles from Slavonia

Ksenia S. Chugunova, Irina A. Grigorieva, Roxana V. Rebrova – A Multi-Analytical Comparative Examination of 18th-Century Dutch Tiles and Russian Imitations. Preliminary Results

Roxana V. Rebrova – Typology of 18th-Century Stove Tiles from the Historical Centre of St. Petersburg


Tânia Manuel Casimiro, António Valongo – Size Does Matter. Early Modern Measuring Cups from Lisbon

Mário Varela Gomes, Rosa Varela Gomes, Tânia Manuel Casimiro – Ceramic Toys and Miniatures from the 16th–18th Century Found in Lisbon

Ralf Kluttig-Altmann – Lids Made of Brick Clay from Wittenberg and Central Europe – a Mysterious Type of Archaeological Artefact from the Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Period

Patrick Schlarb – The Bohemian Bitter Water Trade, 1721–1763

Václav Matoušek – Field Fortifications from the Thirty Years’ War in the Czech Lands in the Field and in Period Engravings

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