Gelukkig Gezond!: Histories of Healthy Ageing [Paperback]

Rina Knoeff(Editor)

ISBN: 9789492444134 | Published by: Barkhuis | Year of Publication: 2017 | 132p, H6.5 x W9.2, Fully Illustrated
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Gelukkig Gezond!


Today, we seem more obsessed with our health than ever. We go to the gym in huge numbers and eat superfoods, we take power naps and are into mindfulness, our bathrooms are little wellness centers and we seek fresh air in specially allocated green zones. But is this really just a modern trend? As Gelukkig Gezond! shows, we have in fact always been fixated on staying healthy. For many centuries, a healthy lifestyle was understood in the context of six lifestyle factors: climate, diet, exercise, sleeping patterns, detox and emotional balance. This book will look at the history of these factors and how they relate to modern ideas of health.

This book is bilingual: all text is available both in Dutch and in English.

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