La Toscana giorno per giorno: 365 giorni tra storie, curiosità, personaggi e aneddoti [Paperback]

Eugenio Giani(Author)

ISBN: 9788856302530 | Published by: Edizioni Polistampa | Series: Il Segnalibro | Volume: 80 | Year of Publication: 2019 | Language: Italian 416p, H9.45 x W6.69, b/w ills
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La Toscana giorno per giorno


The volumeoffers an illustrated journey through the history, the customs and the secretsof Tuscany. After the success of his book Firenzegiorno per giorno, Eugenio Giani broadens his horizons to the entireregion. Each day of the year is dedicated to a fact, a figure or an event aboutone of the most beautiful places on Earth.The reader will be able to dive into the history of Tuscany alongside theinfluential characters, the writers and poets, the artists and architects, theentertainers and the sports champions, while taking a look at the landscapes,sceneries and the masterpieces of art.

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