«Per nobiltà d’animo e civil posizione»: Il Circolo dell’Unione di Firenze, centro della sociabilità d’élite dalla sua fondazione alla Belle Époque (1852-1915) [Paperback]

Silvio Balloni(Author)

ISBN: 9788859619079 | Published by: Edizioni Polistampa | Year of Publication: 2019 | Language: Italian 120p, H10.35 x W7.68, col ills
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«Per nobiltà d’animo e civil posizione»


The Circolo dell’Unione, exclusive and traditional rallying point ofthe elite, has counted the most influential figures of Florence amongst itsmembers. By understanding its creation and early stages, the book retraces thedynamics regulating the life of this city. Unpublished reports extracted fromthe archives will shed light on this Circle – which is still active nowadays – and on the administrative andeconomical life of the region and the evolution of the social rituals of thearistocracy and upper bourgeoisie until the brink of the Great War.

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