Sir Thomas Gray: Scalacronica (1272-1363) [Paperback]

Sir Thomas Gray(Author); Andy King(Author); Andy King(Editor); Sir Thomas Gray(Editor)

ISBN: 9780854440795 | Published by: Surtees Society | Series: Publications of the Surtees Society | Year of Publication: 2019 | 352p, H8.5 x W5.5, 1 line drawing
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Sir Thomas Gray: Scalacronica (1272-1363)


In 1355, Sir Thomas Gray, a Northumbrian knight and constable of Norham castle, was ambushed and captured by the Scots. Imprisoned in Edinburgh castle, he whiled away the hours by writing a chronicle charting the history of Britain from the Creation. The bulk of the work, written in Anglo-Norman French, is based on existing sources. However, for the section from the reign of Edward I onwards - the portion edited here - Gray relied partly on his own memories, and the stories told him by his father (constable of Norham before him), relating their experiences in the Scottish and French wars. The first known historical work to have been written in England by a member of the lay nobility since the Conquest, the Scalacronica provides a unique perspective on the course of English politics in the fourteenth century, and an insight into the worldview of a militarily active member of England's governing class. It is a vital source for all those interested in the history of the period.
The text, with facing-page translation, has been newly edited from the sole surviving manuscript of the Scalacronica; the volume includes extensive historical notes; and an introduction describing the careers of Thomas Gray and his father, and the written sources used in the compilation of this part of the work.

Table of Contents

Authorship and Date: A Literary Prisoner
Sir Thomas Gray's Career and Background
The Manuscript
Previous Editions.
Editorial Principles

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