Prehistoric Britain: The Ceramic Basis [Paperback]

Ann Woodward(Author); J. D. Hill(Author)

ISBN: 9781842170717 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Series: PREH CERAMICS RES GROUP OCC. | Volume: 3 | Year of Publication: 2002 | Language: English 200p, H11.7 x W8.3, Illustrated
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Prehistoric Britain


Pottery has become one of the major categories of artifact that is used in reconstructing the lives and habits of prehistoric people. In these 14 papers, members of the Prehistoric Ceramics Research Group discuss the many ways in which pottery is used to study chronology, behavioral changes, interrelationships between people and between people and their environment, technology and production, exchange, settlement organization, cultural expression, style and symbolism.

Table of Contents

Introduction (Ann Woodward & J D Hill)

1) A date with the past: Late Bronze and Iron Age pottery and chronology (Steven Willis)
2) The nature of archaeological deposits and finds assemblages (Joshua Pollard)
3) Aspects of manufacture and ceramic technology (Alex Gibson)
4) Between ritual and routine: interpreting British prehistoric pottery production and distribution (Sue Hamilton)
5) Staying alive: The function and use of prehistoric ceramics (Elaine L Morris)
6) Sherds in space: pottery and the analysis of site organisation (Ann Woodward)
7) Pottery and the expression of society, economy and culture (J D Hill)
8) Ceramic lifes (Alistair Barclay)
9) Pots as categories: British Beakers (Robin Boast)
10) Inclusions, impressions and interpretation (Ann Woodward)
11) A regional ceramic sequence: pottery of the First Millennium BC between the Humber and the Nene (David Knight)
12) Just about the potter's wheel? Using, making and depositing Middle and Later Iron Age pots in East Anglia (J D Hill)
13) Roman pottery in Iron Age Britain

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