Le guerrier, le chat, l’aigle, le poisson et la colonne: la voie spiralée des signes: Approche sémiologique, structurale et archéologique du disque de Phaistos [Paperback]

Serge Collet(Author)

ISBN: 9781784916169 | Published by: Archaeopress Archaeology | Series: Praehistorica Mediterranea | Volume: 6 | Year of Publication: 2017 | 90p, H8.25 x W5.75, 15 tables, 1 color illustration
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Le guerrier, le chat, l’aigle, le poisson et la colonne: la voie spiralée des signes


The Phaistos Disc is one of the most studied documents of Minoan civilization, enticing scholars and simple enthusiasts with the mysterious aura that envelops it and with its singularity among Minoan scriptures. It has entered the collective imagination, both at academic and popular levels. Archaeologists digging at Phaistos are often asked ‘Where was the Disc found?’ Representations of the Disc can be found abundantly in popular culture, from appearances in Mickey Mouse comics to props amidst the curios on the tables of television magicians. It is this very overexposure that risks undermining the understanding of an object that is, first and foremost, an archaeological artefact found in a chronological and cultural context. Much has been said and much has been written about the Disc. Collet brings a new approach. It is not a deciphering but an interpretation, a depiction of the Minoan Weltanschauung through the symbols on the Disc and their connections with reality. This begins with the spiral-shaped construction of the inscription and its possible temporal allusions, and moves on to a structuralist view of use of the signs, in which the repetitions take on almost ritual significance. Hence it is a pictorial interpretation rather than syllabic, whereby the pictograph is not intended as a rigid reproduction of logical discourse, but rather a path.

Table of Contents

Premessa /Foreword (Pietro Militello)

I. Du pouvoir des signes comme entités relationnelles

II. La spirale et le ruban des signes

III. Le bricolage inconscient et savant des séquences de signes pictogrammes

IV. La voie des pictogrammes

V. De L’analyse des atomes de signification à celle des groupements de signes

VI. Engouement- enjouement pour une spirale de signes


Abstract (English)

Liste des figures et des tableaux

Figures et Tableaux

Excursus: De la sémiologie à de nouveaux questionnement archéologiques

Retour sur quelques signes, remarques techniques et archéologiques sur le Disque de Phaistos

Destructions naturelles et ripostes rituelles

Bibliographie complémentaire

Serge Collet (Pietro Militello)

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