Intellectual and Spiritual Expression of Non-Literate Peoples: Proceedings of the XVII UISPP World Congress (1–7 September, Burgos, Spain): Volume 1 / Session A20 [Paperback]

Emmanuel Anati(Editor)

ISBN: 9781784912819 | Published by: Archaeopress Archaeology | Series: Proceedings of the UISPP World Congress | Year of Publication: 2016 | 404p, H11.5 x W8, Illustrated throughout in black & white
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Intellectual and Spiritual Expression of Non-Literate Peoples


This volume presents the proceedings of the session ‘Intellectual and Spiritual Expression of Non-literate Peoples’ part of the XVII World UISPP Congress, held in Burgos (Spain), the 4th September 2014. The session brought together experts from various disciplines to share experience and scientific approaches for a better understanding of human creativity and behaviour in prehistory.

Table of Contents

Foreword to the XVII UISPP Congress Proceedings Series Edition

Introduction: A Message from the President

Decoding Prehistoric Art: The Messages Behind the Images (Emmanuel Anati and Ariela Fradkin)

Primitive Religious Information Embodied in Human-Face Images of Rock Art on Zhuozishan Mountain, Wuhai, Inner Mongolia (Li An and Junsheng Wu)

Prairie Economy Development seen from Rock Art in the West Range of Langshan Mountain, Inner Mongolia (Aoyungerile and Ying An)

The Canadian Shield Rock Art and its Spiritual Dimension: Finding Some Tangible and Intangible Aspects of Rock Art Sites in the Canadian Shield through a Contextual Approach (Daniel Arsenault)

Intellectual and Spiritual Expressions of Non-Literate Societies: Art and Culture, a Journey through the World of Mankind (Margalit Berriet)

Carved Footprints and Prehistoric Beliefs: Examples of Symbol and Myth Practice and Ideology (Ulf Bertilsson)

Grid Patterns in NW Iberia Rock Art Iconography, Contexts and Interpretations (Ana M. S. Bettencourt)

Sexual Human Representations in the Paintings in the Serra da Capivara, Brazil: Relations in Action, Narrative Relations? (Pascale Binant)

The Stargazers: The Evolution of Knowledge, Beliefs and Rock Art (Paul Bouissac)

As Above, So Below: Unveiling the Truth About Stonehenge’s Sacred Landscape (Paul D. Burley)

Research and Study on the Guizhou Rock Art Heritage (Bo Cao)

Pre-Literate Art in India: A Source of Indigenous Knowledge, Ethno-History and Collective Wisdom (Somnath Chakraverty)

The Anthropomorphic Figurine of Can SadurnÍ Cave, Begues, Barcelona (Manuel Edo, Ferran Antolín, Pablo Martínez, MªJesús Barrio, Elicínia Fierro, Trinidad Castillo, Eva Fornell, Georgina Prats, Remei Bardera, Concepció Castellana)

Archeology, Rock Art, Archeoacoustics and Neuroscience: What Kind of Relation? (Fernando Coimbra)

Heralding the Sun (Léo Dubal)

The Treasures from the Russian City of Zaraysk (Arsen Faradzhev)

Several Understandings on the Cave Paintings on the Turtle Stone in Anshan (Gang Li and Xifeng Ni)

Earth and Underground in Early Sumerian Sources (Francesco Ghilotti)

From Survival to Conatus: Comparative Axiology from Engraving To Painting (Lysa Hochroth)

The Intellectual and Spiritual Expressions of a Nomadic Tribe, the Birhor (of Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, Eastern India) (Bulu Imam)

Prehistoric Rock Art, the Information Era of Humans which has been Overlooked (Yanqing Jin and Xiaoxia Zhang)

Some Aspects of the Contemporary Use of Ancient Symbols (Shemsi Krasniqi)

Discovery and Pilot Study of the Jinsha River Chiselled Rock Art in Shangri-La (Gang Li)

Rock Paintings in Southwest China, Focusing on the Coffin Paintings in the Rock Cave at Xianren Bridge, Huishui County, Guizhou Province (Fei Li)

Survey of the Status and Protection Strategy for the Ancient Rock Paintings in Guizhou (Hao Li and Biao He)

Lifestyle of Human Groups During Palaeolithic at Har Karkom (Federico Mailland)

Aspects of the Nature and Purpose of Specific Symbols and Images in the Non-Literate World of Neolithic and Bronze Age Britain and Ireland (Including Stonehenge) (G. Terence Meaden)

The Arroyo de las Flechas’ Rock Art Engravings: Symbolic Associations in Sierra El Alamo (Caborca, Sonora, Mexico) (Beatriz Menéndez, Ramon Viñas, Martha E. Benavente, Alejandro Terrazas and Albert Rubio)

Colonisation of the Upper Miera and Asón Valleys (Cantabria, Spain) in the Late Pleistocene and the Early Holocene (Mercedes Pérez Bartolomé and Emilio Muñoz Fernández)

The Special Characteristics of the Zhenfeng Rock Art in Guizhou (Xiaomei Mu and Li-Na Zhang)

Symbols as Persona in the Dawn of Food Production in the Alto Ribatejo, Portugal (Luiz Oosterbeek)

The Portrait in Prehistory (Marcel Otte)

Review of Guangxi Cliff Drawing Research (Hu Pengcheng)

Research on File Construction System of Rock Art (Hua Qiao, Li Bin Gong and Hui Liu)

The Dynamics of Mental Movements as a Base for the Intellectual and Spiritual Expressions of Non-Literate People and the Origin of Development of the Human Being (Andrea Rocchitelli)

The Rock Art of Saracahi River Basin: The El Arco and Blanca de la Pulsera Caves, Sonora (Mexico) Albert Rubio, Ramon Viñas, Joaquín Arroyo, César Quijada, Beatriz Menéndez, Neemias Santos, Antonio Hernanz and Mercedes Iriarte

A Ritual Space with Paintings and Engravings in the La Calera Rock Art Set, Caborca, Sonora, Mexico (Albert Rubio, Ramon Viñas, Joaquín Arroyo, César Quijada, Beatriz Menéndez, Neemias Santos)

The Rock Art of Indo-European Cultures: Concordances, Logics and Possible Common Values (Umberto Sansoni)

A Natufian Mask-Face Figurine: An Insight into the Nature of the Supernatural Being (Dana Shaham and Anna Belfer-Cohen)

Research on the Classification and Staging of Rock Art on Lusen Mountain in Qinghai (Zeming Shi and Yanqing Jin)

Investigation and Research into Dahongyan Rock Art in Zhengfeng County, Guizhou Province (Zeming Shi and Xiaoxia Zhang)

Field Survey and Analysis of Mask Worship in the Xiliaohe River Basin (Xiaoyong Sun and Jiaxin Zhang)

The Use of Burial Space and Social Relations Between the Late Neolithic Age and the Copper Age in Sardinia (Giuseppa Tanda)

3D Reconstructions of Sculptured Emotions in the Copper Age Eastern Balkans (Tsoni Tsonev)

The Beginnings of Natural Philosophy and Metaphysics in the Rock Art of Armenia (Gregor Vahanyan)

A Complex Research of Paleolithic Art in Ukraine (Viktor Vetrov)

Manipulation Tactics: A Cultural Interpretation of Rock Art Images Massed in Southwest China (Liangfan Wang and Xiaoming Luo)

Research on the Development and Utilization of the Guizhou Ancient Petrography Resource (Xiaoping Wu and Hao Li)

Discovery and Study of Two Groups of Writing on the Cliff in the Hongshan Culture Area (Jiacai Wu)

Communication and Transform: In-Depth Reflection of Helan Mountain Rock Art (Huiling Yang)

Research of Classification and Stages of the Rock Art on Lusen Mountain in Qinghai (Jing Yanqing and Shi Zeming)

Using the Montage Technique to Read Various Cave Painting Sites on Guizhou Plateau (Qian Sheng You)

Agricultural Worship in the Rock Art of Jiangjunya, Lianyungang City, East China (Jiaxin Zhang and Yaqi Huang)

Image Classification and the Symbolic Structure of the Rock Art at the Zuojiang River, Guangxi (Yasha Zhang, Xiaohong Lu and Mingshui Wang)

Research on Face Rock Carvings in Northern China (Wenjing Zhang and Xiaokun Wang)

Discussion of Reproduction Worship in Chinese Rock Art (Jiaxin Zhang, Bo Xiao and Zhaohui Wang)

An Ancient Sacrificial Place: Research Into Rock Art in Xianju (Houqiu Zhu)

Significance of the Stabilization Works Which Protect the Rock Art Painting in Ningming District (Qiuping Zhu)

Petroglyphs of the Northern Pacific Rim: The Rock Art of the Xiliaohe River and the Amur River (Lifeng Zhu and Xu Wang)

On the Disciplines of Taking Image in Chinese Rock Art (Yuan Zhu and Zhuoran Yu)

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