Gas Sensors: Principles and Practices [Hardback]

A. Muthuvinayagam(Author)

ISBN: 9788184876956 | Published by: Alpha Science | Year of Publication: 2022 | 200p, H9.5 x W6.25,
Status: Not Yet Published - Available for pre-order

Gas Sensors


Enormous research has been going on over the last few decades on nanostructures of semiconductors as they find remarkable applications in gas sensor.

Gas sensors play an important role in many aspects of technology, industry and domestic life. They require the synthesis of the materials in nanocrystalline form with well-defined particles size distribution. Indeed, its noteworthy that both the conductivity and sensitivity of the gas sensors based on these materials are governed by the particles size/grain.

For achieving a high sensitivity of gas sensors there has always been a need for developing active materials of a controllable particles size using cost effective, eco-friendly, simple wet chemical methods. This book inscribes the size controlled promising material for gas sensors with high sensitivity,rapid response and recovery time to LPG at low operating temperatures.

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