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  1. Neolithic Alepotrypa Cave in the Mani, Greece

    Neolithic Alepotrypa Cave in the Mani, Greece [Hardback]

    Anastasia Papathanasiou(Editor); William A. Parkinson(Editor); Daniel J. Pullen(Editor); Michael L. Galaty(Editor); Panagiotis Karkanas(Editor)

    Regular Price: $110.00

    Special Price: $82.50

    ISBN: 9781785706486
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    Alepotrypa Cave at Diros Bay, Lakonia, Greece, is a massive karstic formation of consecutive chambers ending at a lake. The cave was excavated by G. Papathanassopoulos from 1970 to 2006. In conjunction with the surrounding area, i... .... Learn More
  2. Communities in Transition

    Communities in Transition: The Circum-Aegean Area During the 5th and 4th Millennia BC [Hardback]

    Søren Dietz(Editor); Fanis Mavridis(Editor); Žarko Tankosić(Editor); Turan Takaoglu(Editor)


    ISBN: 9781785707209
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    Communities in Transition brings together scholars from different countries and backgrounds united by a common interest in the transition between the Neolithic and the Early Bronze Age in the lands around the Aegean. Neolithic community was trans... .... Learn More
  3. Caves and Ritual in Medieval Europe, AD 500-1500

    Caves and Ritual in Medieval Europe, AD 500-1500 [Hardback]

    Knut Bergsvik (Editor); Marion Dowd (Editor)


    ISBN: 9781785708329
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    Caves and rockshelters in Europe have traditionally been associated with prehistory, and in some regions cave archaeology has become synonymous with the Palaeolithic. However, there is abundant evidence that caves and rockshelters... .... Learn More
  4. Ras il-Wardija Sanctuary Revisited

    Ras il-Wardija Sanctuary Revisited: A re-assessment of the evidence and newly-informed interpretations of a Punic-Roman sanctuary in Gozo (Malta) [Paperback]

    George Azzopardi (Author)


    ISBN: 9781784916695
    Published by : Archaeopress Archaeology
    The secluded sanctuary on the coastal promontory of Ras il-Wardija on the central Mediterranean island of Gozo (near Malta) constitutes another landmark on the religious map of the ancient Mediterranean. Ritual activity at the san... .... Learn More
  5. The Archaeology of Underwater Caves

    The Archaeology of Underwater Caves [Paperback]

    Peter B. Campbell (Editor)


    ISBN: 9780992633677
    Published by : The Highfield Press
    This is an edited volume drawing on the last sixty years of underwater cave research, the vast majority of which has never been published previously. Underwater caves are foreboding places, but they hold great potential for archaeology due to the ... .... Learn More
  6. Religion, cults & rituals in the medieval rural environment

    Religion, cults & rituals in the medieval rural environment: Religion, Kulte und Rituale in der mittelalterlichen bäuerlichen Umgebung | Réligion, cultes et rituels au milieu rural médiéval [Paperback]

    Christiane Bis-Worch (Editor); Claudia Theune (Editor)


    ISBN: 9789088904868
    Published by : Sidestone Press
    Series: RURALIA
    Volume: XI
    The study of belief, faith and religious practices can provide a deep insight into historical societies, whether Christian, Muslim, Jewish or pagan. They form a constant of human behavior. Through religion, cult and rituals, multi... .... Learn More
  7. Archaeology of the Niah Caves

    Archaeology of the Niah Caves: The archaeology of the Niah Caves, Sarawak. Volume II [Hardback]

    Graeme Barker (Editor); David Gilbertson (Editor); Tim Reynolds (Editor); Lucy Farr (Editor)


    ISBN: 9781902937601
    Published by : McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
    Series: Archaeology of the Niah Caves
    Volume: Volume II
    This book is the companion volume to Rainforest Foraging and Farming in Island Southeast Asia: the Archaeology of the Niah Caves, Sarawak. Together they present the results of new fieldwork in the caves and new studies of finds fr... .... Learn More
  8. Archaeological excavations in Moneen Cave, the Burren, Co. Clare

    Archaeological excavations in Moneen Cave, the Burren, Co. Clare: Insights into Bronze Age and post-medieval life in the west of Ireland [Paperback]

    Marion Dowd (Author)


    ISBN: 9781784914547
    Published by : Archaeopress Archaeology
    In 2011, cavers exploring a little-known cave on Moneen Mountain in County Clare in the west of Ireland discovered part of a human skull, pottery and an antler implement. An archaeological excavation followed, leading to the disco... .... Learn More
  9. Underground Archaeology

    Underground Archaeology: Studies on Human Bones and Artefacts from Ireland's Caves [Hardback]

    Marion Dowd (Editor)


    ISBN: 9781785703515
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    Until the present day, human bones and artefacts recovered from Irish caves, principally between 1870 and 1990 had either been completely neglected or had not been examined with modern techniques. The 15 expert contributions presented here shine a... .... Learn More
  10. Neanderthals in Wales

    Neanderthals in Wales: Pontnewydd and the Elwy Valley Caves [Paperback]

    Stephen Aldhouse-Green (Editor); Rick Peterson (Editor); Elizabeth A. Walker (Editor)


    ISBN: 9781785705137
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    The final publication of results of the excavations at Pontnewydd Cave in north-east Wales has been eagerly awaited. The site was investigated as part of the Palaeolithic Settlement of Wales Research Programme, which has been responsible for t... .... Learn More

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