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  1. Across the Mediterranean - Along the Nile. 2 Volume Set

    Across the Mediterranean - Along the Nile. 2 Volume Set: Studies in Egyptology, Nubiology and Late Antiquity Dedicated to László Török on the Occasion of His 75th Birthday [Hardback]

    Dr Tamás Bács(Editor); Dr Ádám Bollók(Editor); Tivadar Vida(Editor)


    ISBN: 9786155766183
    Published by : Archaeolingua
    The present 2-volume book, dedicated to the distinguished Nubiologist, László Török to celebrate his 75th birthday, is made up of 60 English, German, and French essays authored by a community of internationa... .... Learn More
  2. The naos of Amasis

    The naos of Amasis: A monument for the reawakening of Osiris [Paperback]

    Marco Zecchi(Author)


    ISBN: 9789088907951
    Published by : Sidestone Press
    Series: Papers on Archaeology of the Leiden Museum of Antiquities
    Volume: 20
    The naos AM 107 of the Museum of Antiquities of Leiden was built by king Amasis in the VIth century BC, a period that saw an intense production of monolithic shrines. Despite its not impressive dimensions, however, the naos of Leid... .... Learn More
  3. Eudaimón

    Eudaimón: Studies in Honor of Jan Bouzek [Hardback]

    Peter Pavuk(Editor); Věra Klontza-Jaklová(Editor); Anthony Harding(Editor)


    ISBN: 9788073087678
    Published by : Czech Institute of Egyptology
    Series: Opera Facultatis philosophicae Universitatis Carolinae Pragensis
    Volume: XVIII
    The book presents the contributions offered to Professor Jan Bouzek at the conference “Contacts, Migrations and Climate Change“ in honor of his 80th birthday held in May 2015 in Prague. The conference goal was not only ... .... Learn More
  4. Art-facts and Artefacts

    Art-facts and Artefacts: Visualising the Material World in Middle Kingdom Egypt [Hardback]

    Peter Jánosi(Editor); Claus Jurman(Editor); Uta Siffert(Editor); Lubica Hudáková(Editor)


    ISBN: 9781906137601
    Published by : Golden House Publications
    Series: Middle Kingdom Studies
    Volume: 8
    The papers of a conference in summer 2017 in Vienna. The contributions are focusing on Middle Kingdom (about 2000 to 1750 BC) art. .... Learn More
  5. The Ancient Egyptian Footwear Project

    The Ancient Egyptian Footwear Project: Final Archaeological Analysis [Paperback]

    Dr. André Veldmeijer(Author)


    ISBN: 9789088907326
    Published by : Sidestone Press
    The Ancient Egyptian Footwear Project (AEFP) is a multidisciplinary, ongoing research of footwear in ancient Egypt from the Predynastic through the Ottoman Periods. It consists of the study of actual examples of footwear, augmented... .... Learn More
  6. Ship 17 a baris from Thonis-Heracleion

    Ship 17 a baris from Thonis-Heracleion [Hardback]

    Alexander Belov(Author)


    ISBN: 9781905905362
    Published by : Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology
    Series: Ships and boats of the Canopic Region in Egypt
    The author presents a detailed analysis of the construction of ship 17, a Late Period vessel discovered by Franck Goddio and a team from the Institut Européen d'Archéologie Sous-Marine during underwater excavations at... .... Learn More
  7. Ancient Egyptian Coffins

    Ancient Egyptian Coffins: Past – Present – Future [Hardback]

    Julie Dawson(Editor); Helen Strudwick(Editor)


    ISBN: 9781785709180
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    This collection of papers by leading international experts on the subject of ancient Egyptian coffins, builds on a project based at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, to study and record in detail its collection. Papers address a ... .... Learn More
  8. All the Rxyt-people Adore

    All the Rxyt-people Adore: The Role of the Rekhyt-people in Egyptian Religion [Paperback]

    Kenneth Griffin(Author)


    ISBN: 9781906137625
    Published by : Golden House Publications
    Series: GHP Egyptology
    Volume: 29
    Egyptian society is often said to have been divided into social classes, with the pat -people representing the 'elite' and the rxyt -people being the 'commoners'. The aim of this ... .... Learn More
  9. The Art of Describing

    The Art of Describing: The World of Tomb Decoration as Visual Culture of the Old Kingdom: Studies in Honour of Yvonne Harpur [Hardback]

    Geoffrey Martin(Author); Paolo Scremin(Editor); Hartwig Altenmüller(Editor); Miroslav Bárta(Editor); Edith Bernhauer(Editor)


    ISBN: 9788073087708
    Published by : Czech Institute of Egyptology
    The superbly illustrated volume presents a wide array of subject-matter dealing with the visual culture of the Old Kingdom. The book was compiled in honour of Yvonne Harpur, the doynne of the study of art and decoration of tombs fr... .... Learn More
  10. Ptolemy I Soter

    Ptolemy I Soter: A Self-Made Man [Paperback]

    Timothy Howe(Editor)


    ISBN: 9781789250428
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    As the founder of the longest-lasting of all the Hellenistic kingdoms, not only was Ptolemy I an able soldier and ruler, he was also an historian and, in Egyptian eyes, a living god. His own inclination and experience facilitated ... .... Learn More

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