Art-facts and Artefacts: Visualising the Material World in Middle Kingdom Egypt [Hardback]

Peter Jánosi(Editor); Claus Jurman(Editor); Uta Siffert(Editor); Lubica Hudáková(Editor)

ISBN: 9781906137601 | Published by: Golden House Publications | Series: Middle Kingdom Studies | Volume: 8 | Year of Publication: 2019 | Language: English/German 102p, 16 color plates
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Art-facts and Artefacts


The papers of a conference in summer 2017 in Vienna. The contributions are focusing on Middle Kingdom (about 2000 to 1750 BC) art.

Table of Contents

Finds from the Tomb of Sarenput II (QH31) in 2015: An Unusual Limestone Head
José M. Alba Gómez and Angela M. J. Tooley

Burial Customs of the Elite of Elephantine in the Second Half of the Twelfth Dynasty
Luisa M. García González and Alejandro Jiménez Serrano

Broad Collars in Late Middle Kingdom Burials
Wolfram Grajetzki.

Gefäße – Darstellungen in Wanddekoration und archäologischer Befund. Ein Fallbeispiel aus Assiut
Andrea Kilian

Populating Middle Kingdom Fauna: Inclusion and Exclusion of Zoological Iconographic Motifs in its Material Culture
Gianluca Miniaci

Individual and Zeitgeist: Textual and Iconographic Selections in the Chapel of Harhotep (CG 28023)
Antonio J. Morales and Mohamed Osman

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