Studies in Medieval Islamic Architecture, Volume 2 [Hardback]

Robert Hillenbrand(Author)

ISBN: 9781899828159 | Published by: Pindar Press | Year of Publication: 2006 | Language: English 556p, 258 illus.
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Studies in Medieval Islamic Architecture, Volume 2


This is the second of two volumes which consider in detail the art and architecture of Islam, from Spain to India, from the 7th century to the present day. This volume reflects Hillenbrand's principal interest: the architecture of Iran during the Seljuq period (11th to 12th centuries). Papers include discussions of mosques, mausolea, dome chambers, domestic architecture and tilework amongst many other subjects. The first volume, also available, encompasses a broad overview of the art and architecture of the Islamic world. Volume II Contents: Safavid Architecture The Islamic Architecture of Persia Islamic Monuments in Northern Iran Mosques and Mausolea in Khurasan and Central Iran Saljuq Monuments in Iran I Saljuq Monuments in Iran II. The 'Pir' Mausoleum at Takistan The Development of Saljuq Mausolea in Iran Kazwin. II. Monuments Saljuq Monuments in Iran III. The Domed Masjid-i Gami' at Sugas Saljuq Dome Chambers in North-West Iran Saljuq Monuments in Iran IV. The Mosques of Nushabad The Use of Glazed Tilework in Iranian Islamic Architecture Abarquh. II. Monuments The Flanged Tomb Tower at Bastam The Role of Tradition in Qajar Religious Architecture Archaeology. VI. Islamic Iran Architecture. VI. Islamic, Safavid to Qajar Ardestan. II. Monuments Ashtarjan Saljuq Monuments in Iran V. The Imamzada Nur, Gurgan Aspects of Timurid Architecture in Central Asia Abbasid Mosques in Iran Mazandaran Domestic Architecture in Nineteenth-century Iran: the Manzil-i Sartip Sidihi near Isfahan A Safavid Tile Panel Nishapur. Some Early Islamic Buildings and their Decoration The Mausoleum of 'A'isha Bibi and the Central Asian Tradition of Funerary Architecture Reviews of L. Bier, Sarvistan Y. Kiani, The Islamic City of Gurgan Additional Notes Index.

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