Taming the Great Desert: Adam in the Prehistory of Oman [Paperback]

Guillaume Gernez(Author); Jessica Giraud(Author)

ISBN: 9781789691801 | Published by: Archaeopress Archaeology | Series: The Archaeological Heritage of Oman | Volume: 3 | Year of Publication: 2019 | 146p, H11.75 x W8.25, 106 figures (color throughout)
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Taming the Great Desert: Adam in the Prehistory of Oman


Located at the margins of the Rub Al-Khali desert, a place of interactions between settled and nomadic populations, the Adam oasis occupies a pivotal role in the history of Oman. However, almost nothing was known about its foundation and early developments. In 2006, the French Archaeological Mission in Central Oman began the exploration of the area. After ten years of field research using innovative methods and technologies, much is now revealed about the importance of Adam in the prehistory and early history of Oman. This is the first monograph about the research carried out at Adam and it includes seven chapters written by specialists directly involved in the field activities. Each major period is described in detail, including evidence of Palaeolithic occupation, Neolithic settlements, Early and Middle Bronze Age necropolises, Iron Age ritual sites and also an ethnographic study of the traditional water sharing within the oasis.

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Archaeology in Adam from the first steps to the latest discoveries and methods. Ten years of research - by Guillaume Gernez

Geoarchaeological investigation in the Adam region. A regional study of past human-environment interactions - by Tara Beuzen-Waller and Guillaume Gernez

Palaeolithic period in the Sufrat Valley. The first inhabitants of Adam - by Stéphanie Bonilauri, Tara Beuzen-Waller and Guillaume Gernez

Neolithic sites near Jabal Salakh - by Marion Lemée, Guillaume Gernez, Jessica Giraud and Tara Beuzen-Waller

The new funerary landscape during the beginning of the Early Bronze Age in Adam, Jabal Salakh and Jabal Qarah - by Jessica Giraud and Guillaume Gernez

A tale of two graveyards. The excavations of protohistoric funerary sites in Adam - by Guillaume Gernez and Jessica Giraud

The Iron Age in Adam. The discovery of a ritual complex near Jabal Mudhmar - by Guillaume Gernez, Anne Benoist, Mathilde Jean

Water-sharing techniques of Falaj Al-Māleh in Adam - by Julien Charbonnier

Prehistoric and protohistoric heritage in Adam. A challenge for the future - by Guillaume Gernez



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