The Adventure of the Second wife: The Strange Case of Abdülahamid and Sherlock Holmes [Hardback]

Andrew Finkel(Author)

ISBN: 9780995756656 | Published by: Cornucopia Books/Caique Publishing | Year of Publication: 2022 | Language: English 280p, H9.3 x W6.3, 19
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The Adventure of the Second wife


What did Arthur Conan Doyle mean by that now infamous remark, uttered towards the very end of his life, that the only Sherlock Holmes story with the power to intrigue him was ‘The Adventure of the Second Wife’? For there was no such story.

It falls to an unlikely pair – a London doctor and a literature professor from Istanbul – to unravel the clues to this puzzling mystery, clues that lie buried in the stories of their own families and lead back to the fin-de-siècle court of Abdülhamid II, the last Ottoman ruler to command the world stage.

Historians write of the Sultan’s addiction to Sherlock Holmes. He would even have the stories read to him as he lay in bed at night – an obsession (it is now safe to reveal) that was to save his life and alter the course of a dying empire. But solving one mystery can mean disturbing other, darker secrets, such as the real story of ‘The Second Wife’.

Table of Contents

Part One

Exhibit ‘A’
The Sultan’s Gaoler 10

Chapter 1
The Arrival of Leyla Arslan
Chapter 2
The Mystery
Chapter 3
My Legacy to Anandita
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
I Buy a Ticket
Chapter 6
The Honeymooners
Chapter 7
More Toby than Mycroft
Chapter 8
Uncle Fred
Chapter 9

Exhibit ‘B’
‘The Adventure of the Second Wife’
The introduction attributed to A. Conan Doyle

Part Two

Chapter 10
Grandfather Esad
Chapter 11
The Mystery of the Centre Forward
Chapter 12
The Death of Elle
Chapter 13
The Damat
Chapter 14
The Mosque of the Holy Mantle
Chapter 15
The Capricious Bladder of Adile Sultan
Chapter 16
Leyla Pays for Lunch

‘The Adventure of the Second Wife’
– attributed to A. Conan Doyle translated by Leyla Arslan

Part Three

Chapter 17
The Adventure of the Polka-Dotted Cummerbund
Chapter 18
The Theatre of Life
Chapter 19
Pumpkin Curry
Chapter 20
Royal Blood

Part Four
‘The power of complexity and the complexity of power’

Chapter 21
The Tale of the Sultan’s Gaoler
Chapter 22
The Purloined Letter
Chapter 23
Our Grandfathers Meet
Chapter 24
An Early Morning in the Abode of Felicity
The Adventure of the Second Wife’ – attributed to A. Conan Doyle
Chapter 25
‘The Tragedy of Proud Love’

Part Five

Chapter 26
The Bushwacking Sentries of Bhurtee
Chapter 27
The Deadliest Sin
Chapter 28
The Game Was Afoot
Chapter 29
The Earth Moves

Part Six
Chapter 30
A Ghost
Chapter 31
The Loreley
Chapter 32
The Rescue from the Inferno
Chapter 33
Aqua Tofana
Chapter 34
The Smile
Chapter 35
The Rotten Molar
Chapter 36
The Bearers of the Sultan’s Commission
Chapter 37
An Incident Hard to Reconcile with the Settled Order of Nature
Chapter 38
A Final Destination
Chapter 39
Chapter 40
The (Final) Tale of the Sultan’s Gaoler


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