Ancient West Mexico in the Mesoamerican Ecumene [Paperback]

Eduardo Williams(Author)

ISBN: 9781789693539 | Published by: Archaeopress Archaeology | Year of Publication: 2020 | 400p, H11.5 x W8, 321 figures
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Ancient West Mexico in the Mesoamerican Ecumene


Ancient West Mexico in the Mesoamerican Ecumene presents a discussion of the cultural history of ancient West Mexico from the time of the first human inhabitants until the last cultural developments that took place before the Spanish invasion in the 16th century. The overall narrative is played out within the context of the Mesoamerican ecumene; that is, the universe of cultural and social interactions that coalesced into one of the few pristine civilizations of the ancient world.

The book, aimed at scholars, students and the general public, presents a long-overdue synthesis and update on West Mexican archaeology. It is the first book on the subject written by a single author, and it follows a holistic approach including data and perspectives from sociocultural anthropology, ethnohistory, ethnoarchaeology, and general analogy with many ancient cultures within the Mesoamerican ecumene and beyond (including several of the Old World). The focus of interest is the relationship between West Mexico and the rest of the ecumene and the role played by the ancient West Mexicans in shaping the culture and history of the Mesoamerican universe.

Ancient West Mexico has often been portrayed as a ‘marginal’ or ‘underdeveloped’ area of Mesoamerica. This book shows that the opposite is true and that West Mexico played a critical role in the cultural and historical development of the Mesoamerican ecumene.

Table of Contents

Chapter I - Introduction
Chapter II - History of Archaeological Research in West Mexico
Chapter III - First Inhabitants and Early Cultural Development
Chapter IV - The Formative Period (ca. 1500 BC-AD 300)
Chapter V - The Classic Period (ca. AD 250/300-900)
Chapter VI - The Postclassic Period (ca. AD 900-1521)
Chapter VII - The Tarascan Empire in the Mesoamerican Ecumene
Chapter VIII - Discussion and Conclusions

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