Re-exploring Canadian Space. Redécouvrir L’Espace canadien [Paperback]

Jeanette den Toonder(Editor); Bettina van Hoven(Editor)

ISBN: 9789491431050 | Published by: Barkhuis | Series: Canada Cahiers | Volume: 14 | Year of Publication: 2012 | Language: English/French 260p, H9.44 x W6.69,
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Re-exploring Canadian Space. Redécouvrir L’Espace canadien


A variety of productions and representations of Canadian identities are the central theme that runs through this book. The different contributions explore imagined spaces by considering Canadian music, poetry and novels; they engage with political space by addressing various ways in which the people of Canada have made claims to different regions in the distant and recent past; and they address lived spaces, and their actual and symbolic meanings. It is an unusual book as it encompasses the writings by those studying the arts and literature as well as writings by social scientists, and it includes both English and French-speaking scholars. The richness that can be found in this multitude of perspectives and approaches to exploring Canadian space is characteristic of the way in which Canadian Studies is practiced nowadays. It is therefore an appropriate volume to celebrate 20 years of Canadian Studies in the Netherlands.

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