The Art and Culture of Ancient Egypt: Studies in Honor of Dorothea Arnold [Paperback]

Adela Oppenheim (Editor); Ogden Goelet (Editor)

ISBN: 9780981612027 | Published by: Egyptological Seminar of New York | Series: Bulletin of the Egyptological Seminar of New York | Volume: 19 (2015) | Year of Publication: 2015 | Language: English/German/French 696p, H11 x W8.5, B&W Illustrations
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The Art and Culture of Ancient Egypt


Dorothea Arnold’s career in Egyptology is distinguished by the scope of her scholarship and by her understanding its detailed messages. She has brought her keen sense of observation and meticulous archaeological reflection to publications and exhibitions that have enriched our understanding of sculpture and relief, pottery and models, the Old Kingdom through the Roman Period. This volume published in her honor reflects her wide-ranging interests. It contains seventy articles by sixty-four Egyptologists, conservators, and scientists, who examine aspects of art history, archaeology, burial customs, language, chronology, conservation, and museum studies covering all periods of ancient Egypt.

Table of Contents

James P. Allen, The Advent of Ancient Egyptian Literature

Susan J. Allen, An Offering to Mentuhotep, Son of Mentuhotep-ankhu,
Found at Thebes—MMA 26.3.316

Hartwig Altenmüller, Tausret als Königin und Pharao in den Abbildungen ihres Königsgrabes
Dieter Arnold, Some Thoughts on the Building History of the
Temple of Mentuhotep Nebhepetre at Deir el-Bahri

Felix Arnold, The Temple of Ramses II in the Precinct of Hathor at Memphis
Part I: Reconstruction and Meaning

Holeil Ghaly, The Temple of Ramses II in the Precinct of Hathor at Memphis
Part II: Hathor-Headed Columns

Joan Aruz, The Nude Female and the Iconography of Birth

David A. Aston, The Faces of the Hyksos: Ceramic Sculpture in the Fifteenth Dynasty

Bettina Bader, Disc-Shaped Ornaments of the Early Middle Kingdom

Miroslav Bárta, A Reassembled False Door from the Time of Nyuserra

Daphna Ben-Tor, Scarabs from Hatshepsut’s Foundation Deposits at Deir el-Bahri:
Insight into the Early 18th Dynasty and Hatshepsut’s Reign

Robert Steven Bianchi, A Hippopotamus for Hera

Manfred Bietak and Bettina Bader, Canon and Freedom of Fringe Art:
à propos the Fish Bowls in the Second Intermediate Period

Janine Bourriau and Will Schenck, The Last Marl C Potter: Sedment 276A

Betsy M. Bryan, “Just Say ‘No’”—Iconography, Context, and Meaning of a Gesture

Emilia Cortes, From “Weft Fringes” to “Supplementary Weft Fringes”:
Thoughts and

Discussion on Weaving Evolution in Egyptian Textiles

Denise Doxey, The Family of Sehetepibra: A Pair of Unpublished Stelae in New York

Marianne Eaton-Krauss, The Original Owner of Egyptian Museum, Cairo JE 46600

Biri Fay, Ancient Egyptian Art History is Dead: Long Live Ancient Egyptian Art History

Richard Fazzini and Mary McKercher, An Interesting Pottery Vessel from the Temple of Mut at South Karnak

Peter Feinman, The Tempest in the Tempest: The Natural Historian

Marjorie Fisher, A Recently Discovered Fragment of Senenmut’s Sarcophagus

Laurel Flentye, Royal Statuary of the Fourth Dynasty from the Giza Necropolis
in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo

Rita E. Freed, The “Bersha Procession” in Context
Part I: An Art Historical Examination

Pamela Hatchfield, The “Bersha Procession” in Context
Part II: Conservation History and Technical Study

José M. Galán, 11th Dynasty Burials below Djehuty’s Courtyard (TT 11) in Dra Abu el-Naga

Ogden Goelet, Jr. Verse Points, Division Markers, and Copying

Zahi Hawass, Newly Discovered Scenes of Tutankhamun from Memphis and
Rediscovered Fragments from Hermopolis

Marsha Hill, A Statuette of Two Men and a Boy from the Amarna Period
Part I: Face Facts for Understanding the Sculpture

Ann Heywood, A Statuette of Two Men and a Boy from the Amarna Period
Part II: Materials Analysis and Imaging

Salima Ikram, A Torso from the Gayer-Anderson Museum, Cairo

Sameh Iskander, Building Phases of the Temple of Ramesses II at Abydos

Peter Jánosi, “Bringing the Choicest of Haunches and Fowl...”
Some Thoughts on the Tomb of Rehuerdjersen at Lisht-North

W. Raymond Johnson, Sexual Duality and Goddess Iconography on the
Amenhotep IV Sandstone Colossi at Karnak

Jack A. Josephson, Reevaluating the Date of the Abydos Head (MMA 02.4.191)

Janice Kamrin, The Egyptian Museum Database, Digitizing, and
Registrar Training Projects: Update 2012

Nanette B. Kelekian, The Resurrection of Reniseneb

Peter Lacovara, The Menkaure Valley Temple Settlement Revisited

David T. Mininberg, One Snake or Two: Determining the True Symbol for Medicine

Paul T. Nicholson, Phillip Parkes, and Caroline Jackson, A Tale of Two Tiles: Preliminary Investigation of Two Faience ‘Bricks’

David O’Connor, Who was Merika? A Continuing Debate

Diana Craig Patch, An Exceptional Early Statuette from Abydos

Elena Pischikova, The Second Tomb of the Vizier Nespakashuty

Nicholas Reeves, Tutankhamun’s Mask Reconsidered

Catharine Roehrig, Two Tattooed Women from Thebes

Ann Macy Roth, Upper Egyptian Heliopolis: Thebes, Archaism, and the
Political Ideology of Hatshepsut and Thutmose III

Wafaa el Saddik, A Head for Amenemhat III’s Heb-sed Triad?

Phyllis Saretta, Of Lyres, Lions, Light, and Everything New Under the Sun:
An Amarna Relief in The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Deborah Schorsch, Bastet Goes Boating

Gerry Scott, An Old Kingdom Monkey Vase in the Collection of the
San Antonio Museum of Art

Friederike Seyfried, Ein weiterer Beleg für ein Gebäude- bzw. Tempelteil, namens RwD-anx(.w)-Jtn
in Amarna – zur revidierten Lesung eines Blockes in Privatbesitz

Hourig Sourouzian, Lion and Sphinx Varia in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo

Rainer Stadelmann, Ptah who Listens to Prayers
in the Mortuary Temple of Amenhotep III at Thebes

Paul Edmund Stanwick, Caracalla and the History of Imperial Sculpture in Egypt

Isabel Stünkel, Notes on Khenemet-nefer-hedjet Weret II

Miroslav Verner, “Two Vigilant (Pyramids): The Small One and the Large One”—
On the First Cult Pyramid in a Queen’s Pyramid Complex

Malcolm H. Wiener, Oh, No—Not Another Chronology!

Kei Yamamoto, Iconography of the Sledge in Ancient Egyptian Funerary Art

Christiane Ziegler, Note sur la peinture « aux vases » (Louvre D 60 bis)

Irit Ziffer, Pyramid Myths: Israel in Egypt

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