The Cave of the Cyclops: Mesolithic and Neolithic Networks in the Northern Aegean, Greece: Volume I: Intra-Site Analysis, Local Industries, and Regional Site Distribution [Hardback]

Adamantios Sampson (Author)

ISBN: 9781931534208 | Published by: INSTAP Academic Press (Institute for Aegean Prehistory) | Series: Prehistory Monographs | Volume: 21 | Year of Publication: 2008 | Language: English 430p, 127 b/w illus, 37 b/w pls, 35 tabs
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The Cave of the Cyclops


This is the first volume detailing the excavation of the "Cave of the Cyclops" on the island of Youra in the North Aegean. The cave was occupied at various times from the Mesolithic through Roman periods. The setting and stratigraphy of the cave and a survey of the area are discussed. The Mesolithic and Neolithic ceramic, lithic, and small finds are organised into catalogues. Additionally, this volume provides insight into the means of survival and the flowering of culture on Youra during the Mesolithic and Neolithic periods, and it presents the connections between this outlying area and mainland Greece.

Table of Contents

1. The Cave Setting and Stratigraphy, A. Sampson; 2. The Pottery Analysis, A. Sampson; 3. The Middle Neolithic Weavers Paint: Red Painted Patterns as Markers of the Local Group's Identity, S. Katsarou-Tzeveleki; 4. The Late Neolithic Painted and Burnished Decorated Wares, F. Mavridis; 5. The Lamps of the Roman Period, G.B. Koutsouflakis; 6. The Ground Stone Utensils and Miscellaneous Finds, A. Sampson and L. Orphanidis; 7. The Chipped Stone Artifacts, M. Kaczanowska and J.K. Kozlowski; 8. The Survey in the Deserted Islands of the Northern Sporades, A. Sampson; 9. The Animal-Husbandry Ethnoarchaeology of Alonnessos and the Deserted Islands in the Northern Sporades, A. Sampson; 10. A Mesolithic Cranial Vault and Other Human Remains, N. Poulianos; 11. Conclusions, A. Sampson.

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"Sampson and his team should be lauded for their determination and skill in presenting the evidence from this enigmatic archaeological palimpsest of a seasonally occupied site, visited occasionally by hunters, foragers, fisherman, and farmers of the northern Aegean from the ninth millennium B.C.E. onward. [...] the book at hand will certainly be appreciated by all those interested in the early prehistory of the Aegean islands.'"
Nikos Efstratiou
AJA Online Book Reviews (January 2010)

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