The Egyptian Collection at Norwich Castle Museum: Catalogue and Essays [Hardback]

Faye Kalloniatis(Author)

ISBN: 9781789251968 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Year of Publication: 2019 | Language: English 504p, H11 x W8.5, over 400 black and white images and 70 color plates
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The Egyptian Collection at Norwich Castle Museum


The Egyptian Collection at Norwich Castle Museum represents the first full publication of this important collection which contains several outstanding objects.

Part 1 begins with an outline of the acquisition history of the Egyptian collection and its display within Norwich Castle in 1894, when it was converted from a prison to a museum. The collection was largely acquired between the nineteenth and first part of the twentieth centuries. Its most prominent donor was Flaxman Spurrell, whose varied collection of flints, faience beads and necklaces as well as Late Antique cloths was obtained from Sir Flinders Petrie. Also prominent was the Norwich-based Colman family, most notable for its manufacture of mustard, whose collection was purchased in Egypt during the late-C19. Also included in this part are essays on several of the museum’s outstanding items – Ipu’s shroud, a rare early 18th Dynasty example with fragments also held in Cairo; the 22nd Dynasty finely decorated and well-preserved cartonnage and wooden lid of the priest, Ankh-hor; and the exceptional model granary of Nile clay painted with lively scenes, one showing the owner, Intef, playing senet.

Part 2 is a detailed catalog of the complete collection. It is organized into sections with objects grouped together mainly according to type – stelae, shabtis, scarabs, jewelry, amulets, vessels, flints, lamps, inscribed Book of the Dead fragments, metal figurines, and Late Antique cloths; and also according to function – such as cosmetics & grooming, and architectural & furniture elements. The inscribed materials have all been translated and individual entries give examples or parallels. Seventy color plates illustrate each object.

Table of Contents

Part I: Essays on the Norwich Collection
1: The Egyptian Collection at Norwich Castle Museum
Faye Kalloniatis
2: The Mummies and Coffins of Ankh-hor and Heribrer
John H. Taylor
3: The Norwich Shroud of Ipu
Irmtraut Munro
4: An Exceptional Model Granary
Gabriele Wenzel
Part 2: The Catalogue
5. Stelae
Faye Kalloniatis
6. Funerary Statuettes: Shabtis and Ushebtis
Faye Kalloniatis
7. Metal Figurines
Faye Kalloniatis
8. Amulets
Faye Kalloniatis
9. Scarabs, Scaraboids, Plaques and Seals
Faye Kalloniatis
10. Jewellery
Faye Kalloniatis
11. Grooming and Cosmetic Equipment
Gabriele Wenzel & Faye Kalloniatis
12. Vessels
Gabriele Wenzel
13. Stone Artefacts
Faye Kalloniatis
14: Coffins, Mummies and Related Artefacts
John H. Taylor & Faye Kalloniatis
15. Inscribed Linen and Papyrus
Marcus Mϋller-Roth
16. Model Objects
Gabriele Wenzel & Faye Kalloniatis
17. Architectural and Furniture Elements
Faye Kalloniatis
18. Varia
Faye Kalloniatis
19. Flint Implements
Noriyuki Shirai & Maarten Horn
20. Animal Mummies
Faye Kalloniatis
21. Lamps
Faye Kalloniatis
22. Late Antique Textiles
Tineke Rooijakkers
23. Victorian and Early Twentieth-Century Egyptianising Jewellery (Etc)
Faye Kalloniatis
24. Fakes and Replicas
Faye Kalloniatis
Part 3: Translations of Linen and Papyrus
25: The Shroud of Ipu: Translation with Commentary
Irmtraut Munro
26: Djed-mut’s Book of the Dead Papyrus: Translation
Marcus Mϋller-Roth
27: Mummy Bandages: Translation
Marcus Mϋller-Roth
Part 4: Appendices
Appendix 1: The Granary Inscriptions
Gabriele Wenzel
Appendix 2: Additional Late Antique Textiles
Tineke Rooijakkers

Reviews & Quotes

""The strength of this book is in its combination of serious, in-depth discussion and universal coverage… this will bring the material in Norwich to a much wider audience, both among the interested public and scholars. And it is pleasing to report that this comprehensive catalogye of material is available at a reasonable price!""

Ancient Egypt Magazine ()

""Faye Kalloniatis and her collaborators are to be congratulated on the production of an important and informative volume, which makes an incredibly significant contribution to our understanding of the Egyptian collection at Norwich Castle Museum. The volume skilfully balances first-rate scholarship aimed at a specialist audience with a level of accessibility which also makes the volume of great interest to the general reader – no mean feat.""

Norfolk Archaeology ()

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