The Games at Athens [Paperback]

Jenifer Neils(Author); Stephen V. Tracy(Author)

ISBN: 9780876616413 | Published by: American School of Classical Studies at Athens | Series: Agora Picture Book | Volume: 25 | Year of Publication: 2003 | Language: English 32p, H8.5 x W5.5, 25 col & 6 b/w figs
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The Games at Athens


This attractive book presents a general introduction to the Greater Panathenaia, the week-long religious and civic festival held at Athens every four years in honor of the city’s patron goddess, Athena. The highlight of the city’s festival calendar, with its musical, athletic, and equestrian contests, tribal events, processions, sacrifices, and other activities, the Greater Panathenaia involved all the residents of Athens; not just adult males but women, children, metics (resident aliens), foreigners, and even slaves. The facilities, administration, program events, prizes, and associated monuments are described.

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"No. 25 in a series which the Americans have been producing since 1959 is particularly welcome - and particularly attractive with excellent illustrations throughout. For use in school this is ideal.'"
Alan Beale
JACT Review (2004)

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