The Patriot behind the pot: A historical and archaeological study of ceramics, glassware and politics in the Dutch household of the Revolutionary Era: 1780-1815 [Paperback]

Wytze Stellingwerf(Author)

ISBN: 9789089320261 | Published by: SPA Uitgevers | Year of Publication: 2019 | 407p, H11 x W8.5, 222 ill. 386 museum objects in catalogue, 48 archaeological objects in catalogue
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The Patriot behind the pot


The Patriot behind the pot tells the story of pottery, people and politics in the Netherlands during a time of great revolutions; revolutions both in a political and industrial sense. This study shows how at the end of the 18th century numerous Dutch people used all kinds of ceramic and glass items in their household as media to convey their political stance in favor of or against the ruling House of Orange. Many of these more than 200 years old politically charged items have been preserved in museum collections. Sporadically, pieces of them are retrieved from archaeological sites as well.

Along with dozens of historical sources and hundreds of other ceramic and glass artifacts that were discarded or lost by their former owners in the same archaeological contexts, these fascinating objects with a certain political meaning have been examined in order to understand the material culture of Dutch Orangists and Patriots in the period around 1800. Apart from a thorough study of late 18th- and early 19th-century ceramics and glassware in the Netherlands, this book presents an extensive catalog of politically charged items from the period 1780-1815. This might help archaeologists, art-historians and collectors to recognize and further study these objects of great historical value.

This book comprises a Master thesis written by Wytze Stellingwerf. In 2017 he graduated at the Faculty of Archaeology at Leiden University. This thesis was nominated for three prizes, respectively the national archaeological W.A. van Es prize, the Leiden University thesis prize and the IISG prize of the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam.

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