The Struggle Against Russia in the Romanian Principalities: A Study in Anglo-Turkish Diplomacy, 1821-1854 [Paperback]

Dr. Radu Florescu(Author)

ISBN: 9781592110261 | Published by: Center for Romanian Studies | Year of Publication: 2021 | 382p, H9 x W6,
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The Struggle Against Russia in the Romanian Principalities


The period leading up to the unification of the Romanian principalities is one of the most dynamic periods in modern Romanian history. It was a time of effervescence, which witnessed the birth of new ideas and the struggle between revolution and reaction. The Romanian principalities, located on the crossroads between East and West, were at the center of the conflict between the various empires dominating Southeastern Europe, making them a permanent subject of international diplomacy.

With the expansion of Russia in the Balkans, amidst the decline of the Ottoman Empire, the struggle against Russia in the Romanian principalities, supported by Anglo-Turkish diplomacy, took on international significance. Written by one of the leading specialists on Romanian history in the United States, The Struggle Against Russia in the Romanian Principalities is a significant contribution to nineteenth century European diplomatic history.

Table of Contents

Foreword 9
Introduction 11
Acknowledgements 19
Explanatory Note 21
Chapter I
A Brief Retrospect: Frontiers of Culture or of Knowledge 35
Chapter II
The Old Regime in the Principalities 53
Chapter III
The Emergence of the Great Powers and the Establishment
of a British Consulate 73
Chapter IV
The Revolution of Tudor Vladimirescu: Romanian or Greek? 97
Chapter V
Lord Strangford and the Diplomatic Crisis at Constantinople 123
Chapter VI
British Reactions to the Organic Regulations 149
Chapter VII
Câmpineanu and the Pro-Western Opposition 179
Chapter VIII
Colquhoun and the Wallachian Revolution of 1848 199
8 The Struggle Against Russia in the Romanian Principalities
Chapter IX
Stratford Canning’s Diplomatic Failure at Constantinople 225
Chapter X
The Role of the Romanian Emigration 243
Chapter XI
British Policy and the Russian Stranglehold on the Danube 273
Chapter XII
The Downfall of the Russian Protectorate 301
Appendix 317
Bibliography 329
Index 367

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