The Unis Cemetery at Saqqara, Volume 2: The Tombs of Iynefert and Ihy [reused by Idut] [Paperback]

N. Kanawati(Author); M. Abder-Raziq(Author)

ISBN: 9780856688133 | Published by: Australian Centre for Egyptology | Year of Publication: 2003 | 88p, 82 bw and col illus
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The Unis Cemetery at Saqqara, Volume 2


This volume gives a full description of two important tombs, both constructed by viziers of Unis. The tomb of Iynefert is published here for the first time in its full form and the volume includes a medical report on the complete skeletal remains of the owner which have recently been discovered in the burial chamber. The tomb of Ihy was reused by Princess Idut, an although the tomb has been published previously by Macramallah, all traces of the original owner have been omitted. The present report adds new important information on the tomb. Both tombs are extensively decorated and include scenes and inscriptions of great value.

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