The Wetlands of Cheshire [Paperback]

Mark Leah(Author); Colin Wells(Author); Catrina Appleby(Author); Elizabeth Huckerby(Author)

ISBN: 9781862200074 | Published by: Oxford Archaeology | Year of Publication: 1997 | Language: English 235p,
Status: This book is out of print.

The Wetlands of Cheshire


This volume provides a completely new survey of the county's wetland archaeology and changing environment. The study brings together information from all relevant sources, to build up a picture of the landscape and man's indelible traces. Following introductory chapters concerning methodology and background, each chapter describes the mosses of discrete areas of the county. These are followed by a synthesis of the archaeological and palaeoecological data from the Mesolithic to the post-medieval period and comprehensive site gazetteers.

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