Doctrinal Backgrounds of Vipassana-Meditation: Insight in Current Methods and According to Canonical Sources [Paperback]

R.C. Van Oosterwijk(Author)

ISBN: 9789491431098 | Published by: Barkhuis | Year of Publication: 2012 | Language: English 161p, H9.44 x W6.69,
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Doctrinal Backgrounds of Vipassana-Meditation


Vipassanā-meditation (or practice) has become popular in South East Asia and the West. However, these practices aiming at reaching insight are taught in many varieties. The focus of this book is on the doctrinal sources of a number of vipassanā-practices.
Part one considers a number of methods by modern teachers and scholar-monks about vipassanā-meditation, and compares these with the canonical Pali discourses they refer to.In Part two the author analyses which principles related to insight and practices to develop insight have been widely accepted in the Pali discourses. Futhermore, a comparison with some discourses available in English from Chinese versions is offered.
This study is written for those who have a practical or theoretical interest in meditation techniques such as mindfulness and vipassanā. In particular participants in retreats, who note that many different methods are taught, will find this a useful book.

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