Texts and the Repression of Medieval Heresy [Hardback]

Caterina Bruschi(Editor); Peter Biller(Editor)

ISBN: 9781903153109 | Published by: York Medieval Press | Series: York Studies in Medieval Theology | Volume: Volume 4 | Year of Publication: 2002 | Language: English 276p, H9.25 x W6.25, 1 black and white
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Texts and the Repression of Medieval Heresy


Did you see a heretic? When? Where? Who else was there?'. The inquisitor is questioning, and a suspect is replying; a notary is translating from the vernacular into Latin, and writing it down, abbreviating and omitting at will; later there is the reading out of a sentence in public and then, in a few cases, burning. At every stage there is a text: a list of questions, for example, or an inquisitor's how-to-do it manual. The substance and intention of these texts forms the subject of this book. The introduction brings them all together in an historiographical survey of the role of texts in the suppression of heresy, and the volume is crowned by the Quodlibet lecture, in which the doyen of all heresy historians, ALEXANDER PATSCHOVSKY, magisterially surveys the political nature of heresy accusations. Contributors: MARK PEGG, PETER BILLER, CATERINA BRUSCHI, JAMES GIVEN, JOHN ARNOLD, JESSALYN BIRD, ANNE HUDSON, ALEXANDER PATSCHOVSKY.

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