Votive Reliefs [Hardback]

Carol L. Lawton(Author)

ISBN: 9780876612385 | Published by: American School of Classical Studies at Athens | Series: Athenian Agora | Volume: XXXVIII | Year of Publication: 2017 | Language: English 248p, H12 x W9, 12 col figs, 3 col and b/w plans, 60 plates
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Votive Reliefs


This volume includes all of the Classical, Hellenistic, and Roman votive reliefs found to date in the excavations of the Athenian Agora. In addition to providing a catalogue of the reliefs arranged according to their subjects, the author treats the history of their discovery, their production and workmanship, iconography, and function. A large part of the study is devoted to discussion of the original contexts of the reliefs, in an attempt to determine their relationship to shrines in the vicinity and to investigate what they can tell us about the character of religious activity in the vicinity of the Agora. The work will be an important reference for historians of Greek art as well as of Greek religion.

Reviews & Quotes

"The volume, exemplifying the high standards of the Athenian Agora series, succeeds admirably. […] To conclude, this excellent volume, with its wealth of information and observations, is not only fundamental for our understanding and further study of these reliefs and for the evidence they provide about worship, it is also the author’s great merit, through her discussions of iconography and function, to have given us a feeling for what it was like to be in the Agora amid countless similar reliefs."

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