Rus Africum IV: La fattoria Bizantina di Aïn Wassel, Africa Proconsularis (Alto Tell, Tunisia): Lo scavo stratigrafico e i materiali [Paperback]

Mariette de Vos Raaijmakers(Editor); Barbara Maurina(Editor)

ISBN: 9781789691153 | Published by: Archaeopress Archaeology | Series: Archaeopress Roman Archaeology | Volume: 58 | Year of Publication: 2019 | Language: Italian 460p, H11.5 x W8, Illustrated throughout in color and black & white
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Rus Africum IV: La fattoria Bizantina di Aïn Wassel, Africa Proconsularis (Alto Tell, Tunisia)


Aïn Wassel is the only rural site of Africa Proconsularis which has been excavated using the stratigraphic method and the detailed results are published in this volume thanks to an archaeological field survey of the surrounding rural region. The interpretation of the stratigraphic sequence of the excavated area was able to determine a precise chrono-typology of pottery and amphoras, and to outline the importance of the Vandal and Byzantine period, which was confirmed by additional data from the survey. The excavation provided evidence of sustainable intensive mixed farming: an oil mill and press, a grain hand mill, a sundial, bones of cattle and dromedaries raised for labour, transport, milk, meat, skins, wool. Remains of fowl, such as a partridge and fragments of ash tree, pine and olive stones were found and analyzed. Local imitations of African Red Slip (ARS) wares were identified for the first time, and three new types of amphoras of large dimensions were discovered and classified as Aïn Wassel 1, 2 and 3. The excavation proved that in the 7th c. AD north Africa was still very active and dynamic, where regional trade used both fluvial and ground transportation. Until recently, this was considered a period of crisis, abandonment of the countryside and ruralization of cities; it was not so.

Table of Contents

Capitolo 1. Il sito di aïn wassel e il contesto rurale:
inquadramento della ricercar
Mariette de Vos Raaijmakers

Capitolo 2. Lo scavo archeologico
Barbara Maurina

Capitolo 3. La ceramica domestica
Martina Andreoli,
Silvia Polla

Capitolo 4. Contenitori da trasporto e per la conservazione

Capitolo 5. Materiale edilizio fittile
Martina Andreoli

Capitolo 6. Reperti vitrei
Martina Andreoli

Capitolo 7. Reperti di metallo
Martina Andreoli

Capitolo 8 – Monete
Silvana Abram

Capitolo 9. Reperti lapidei
Mariette de Vos Raaijmakers

Capitolo 10. Resti faunistici
Jacopo De Grossi Mazzorin,
Silvia Eccher, Stefano Marconi, Anna Paterlini, Umberto Tecchiati, Amedeo Luigi

Capitolo 11. Resti archeobotanici
Daniela Moser

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