Eurasian Prehistory Volume 4:1-2: A Journal for Primary Data [Paperback]

Ofer Bar-Yosef(Author); Janusz K. Kozlowski(Author)

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ISBN: 9788391641590 | Published by: American School of Prehistoric Research | Series: Eurasian Prehistory | Volume: 4:1-2 | Year of Publication: 2007 | Language: English 2p, H10.03 x W6.88, b/w and col illus
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Eurasian Prehistory Volume 4:1-2


This journal will fill a large gap in the current repertoire of English-language archaeological journals concerning the Paleolithic and Neolithic of Asia and Europe, as the place to publish site reports and data-based studies. These are at present rarely accepted for publication in the majority of journals, as they prefer to publish general articles or syntheses of original archaeological sequences. Combined edition: 4:1 and 4:2.

Table of Contents

Cueva Negra del Estrecho del Río Quípar (Murcia, southeast Spain): An Acheulian and Levalloiso-Mousteroid assemblage of Paleolithic artifacts excavated in a Middle Pleistocene faunal context with hominin skeletal remains, Michael J. Walker, Tomás Rodríguez Estrella, José Sebastián Carrión García, Miguel Ángel Mancheño Jiménez, Jean-Luc Schwenninger, Mariano López Martínez, Antonio López Jiménez, Miguel San Nicolás del Toro, Matthew D. Hills, Tina Walkling. The Early Upper Paleolithic in the northern Caucasus (new data from Mezmaiskaya Cave, 1997 excavation), Lubov V. Golovanova, Naomi E. Cleghorn, Vladimir B. Doronichev, John F. Hoffecker, George S. Burr, Leopold D. Sulergizkiy. New lithic evidence of the Aurignacian in Hungary, György Lengyel, Sándor Beres, László Fodor. The Late Paleolithic bison hunter site Bolshaya Akkarzha in the environment of southeastern Europe, Svetlana Medeanic, Igor V. Sapozhnikov. Shillourokambos and the Neolithization of Cyprus: Some reflections, Jean Guilaine, François Briois. Reconstructing microlith shaping: Archaeological and experimental observations of early and Final Natufian lunates at Eynan (Ain Mallaha), Israel, Ofer Marder, Jacques Pelegrin, Boris Valentin, François Valla. El-Hemmeh: A multi-period Pre-Pottery Neolithic site in the Wadi el-Hasa, Jordan, Cheryl A. Makarewicz, Nathan B. Goodale, Philipp Rassmann, Chantel White, Holly Miller, Jihad Haroun, Eric Carlson, Alexis Pantos, Matt Kroot, Seiji Kadowaki, Aksel Casson, James T. Williams, Anne E. Austin, Benjamin Fabre.

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