Eurasian Prehistory Volume 5:2: A Journal for Primary Data [Paperback]

Ofer Bar-Yosef(Editor); Janusz K. Kozlowski(Author)

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ISBN: 9788392325918 | Published by: American School of Prehistoric Research | Series: Eurasian Prehistory | Volume: 5:2 | Year of Publication: 2009 | Language: English 165p,
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Eurasian Prehistory Volume 5:2


The aim of this journal is to publish lengthy site reports with many illustrations and other data-based articles. Contents: O. Jöris, D. S. Adler, and S. W. G. Davies: Setting the Record Straight: Toward a Systematic Chronological Understanding of the Middle to Upper Palaeolithic Boundary in Eurasia; E. Alvarev: Suspended Objects of Adornment in the Lower and Middle Palaeolithic in Europe? Federico Bernaldo de Quiros, Jose Manuel Maillo, and Ana Neira: The place of Unit 18 of "El Castillo" cave in the Middle to Upper Palaeolithic Transition; Michael Bolus and N. J. Conard: What Can We Say About the Spatial-Temporal Distribution of Early Aurignacian Innovations? François Bon, Jean-Guillaume Bordes, and Nicolas Teyssandier: From West to East: Rethinking the Earliest Aurignacian; P. Elefanti, E. Panagopoulou, and P. Karkanas: The transition from the Middle to the Upper Paleolithic in the southern Balkans: The evidence from the Lakonis I cave, Greece; Yaroslav V. Kuzmin:The Middle-Upper Paleolithic Transition in Siberia: Chronological and Environmental Aspects; L. V. Lbova: Chronology and Paleoecology of the Early Upper Paleolithic in the Trans-Baikal Region (Siberia); György Lengyel and Zsolt Mester: A New Look at the Radiocarbon Chronology of the Szeletian in Hungary; Ladislav Nejman: Refining the Chronology of Central European Late Middle and Early Upper Palaeolithic Sites Using Optically Stimulated Luminescence and Thermoluminescence Dating; Joaquim Soler Sublis, Narcís Soler Masferrer, and Julià Maroto: The Arbreda's Archaic Aurignacian Dates clarified.

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