Late prehistoric exploitation of the Eurasian steppe [Hardback]

Marsha Levine(Author); Yuri Rassamakin(Author); Aleksandr Kislenko(Author); Nataliya Tatarintseva(Author)

ISBN: 9781902937038 | Published by: McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research | Series: McDonald Institute Monographs | Year of Publication: 1999 | Language: English 216p, b/w illus, tbs
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Late prehistoric exploitation of the Eurasian steppe


The nomadic peoples of the great grasslands of the former USSR have left little in the way of settlement evidence, and archaeologists studying their history have had to rely on environmental remains to reconstruct their pasts. This book contains three major studies: The origins of horse husbandry on the Eurasian Steppe (M Levine) ; The eneolithic of the Black Sea Steppe: The dynamics of cultural and economic development 4500-2300 BC (Y Rassamakin) , and The Eastern Ural steppe at the end of the Stone Age (A Kislenko and N Tatarintseva) . Each presents evidence that has not previously been available to European prehistorians. The whole provides an important contribution to European prehistory, and provides background to the ongoing discussions on the prehistory of language.

Reviews & Quotes

"There is little doubt that, for the near future, it will become a first-class crib for all students (and researchers) with an interest in the Eurasian steppe.'
<br><br>'The publications of papers by scholars from the old Soviet bloc, who presently face difficulties as a result of the political changes of 1991, is greatly to be welcomed, and the dialogue between Eastern and Western scholars thus begun should be encouraged. The present volume makes a very substantial contribution to this process.'
Magdalena S Midgley
American Journal Of Archaeology (106, 2002)

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