Suyanggae and Her Neighbours in Haifa, Israel: Proceedings of the 20th (1) Congress June 21–28, 2015 [Paperback]

Sharon Gonen(Editor); Avraham Ronen(Editor)

ISBN: 9781784915384 | Published by: Archaeopress Archaeology | Year of Publication: 2017 | 156p, H11.5 x W8, Illustrated throughout in color and black & white
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Suyanggae and Her Neighbours in Haifa, Israel


Proceedings of the 20th symposium: Suyanggae and Her Neighbours. The 20th symposium took place across two meetings, the first in Haifa, Israel and the second in Danyang, Republic of Korea. This proceedings volume gathers papers, abstracts and posters from the meeting in Haifa, which took place from 21–28 June 2015.

Table of Contents

Goals and Constraints of Palaeolithic Archaeology (Michael Jochim)

Levallois Core Method in Siberia -History and Questions (Nikolay.I. Drozdov and Denis N. Drozdov)

New Analysis of Evidance for Fire-use at the Peking Man Site (Xing Gao)

Technological Analysis of Bifaces in Korea (Kidong Bae, Myoungshin Cho and Kiryong Kim)

New Archaeological Surveys and Excavations in the Hanzhong Basin, China (Shejiang Wang, Huayu Lu, Xuefeng Sun, Luda Xing, Hongyan Zhang, Haixin Zhuo, Wenchao Zhang, Qingyao Yu)

Paleolithic assemblage and site formation process of Huaishuping site in Luonan Basin, central China (Qingyao Yu, Shejiang Wang, Huayu Lu, Chen Shen, Fuyou Chen, Feng Li, Wenchao Zhang, Luda Xing, Xiaobing Zhang)

A preliminary study on the stone artifacts of Shizilukou Paleolithic locality in Luonan Basin, central China (Luda Xing, Shejiang Wang, Gaike Zhang, Tuo Liu, Xuefeng Sun, Huayu Lu, Qingyao Yu, Xiaobing Zhang)

The characteristic of stone assemblages from Tonghyeon-ri Paleolithic site in Korea (Jong-yoon WOO, Seung-won LEE and Byeongil YUN)

Nesher Ramla Karst Depression, Israel: A New Evidence for Middle Paleolithic Adaptations During MIS 6 and 5 (Yossi Zaidner, David E. Friesem, Amos Frumkin, Leore Grosman, Naomi Porat, Ruth Shachack-Gross, Alexander Tsatskin, Reuven Yeshurun, Lior Weissbrod, Laura Centi, Marion Prevost, Maayan Shemer, and Oz Varoner)

Quaternary Geology and Matrix-forming Process of Suyangae Upper Paleolithic Sites (LOC. 1 and LOC. 6) (Juyong Kim, Yung-jo Lee and Jongyun Woo)

Wolpyeong Upper Palaeolithic site, an Important Evidence for Modern Human Behavior in Paleolithic Korea (Gi-Kil Lee)

Early ritual behavior of bear hunters of Beringia (Alexander A. Vasilevsky)

New Insights from the Renewed Analysis of the 100 Layers Sequence of Tabun Cave, Israel (Ron Shimelmitz, Avraham Ronen, Steven, L. Kuhn and Mina Weinstein-Evron)

Early Epipaleolithic engraved objects from Ein Qashish South Jezreel Valley, Israel (Alla Yaroshevich, Ofer Bar-Yosef, Elisabeta Boaretto, Noam Greenbaum, Naomi Porat, Yoel Roskin)

The Natufian is Still a “Revolution”: Intensification and Sedentism in the Natufian Sequence of el-Wad Terrace, Mt. Carmel (Reuven Yeshurun)

The upper paleolithic phonic instruments: classification and methods of research (Lbova Liudmila and Darya Kozhevnikova)

Sartorial Vestments in the Southern Levant: Headwear, Footwear, Girdles, Sashes and Shrouds, 15,000-5,900 BP cal. (Janet Levy)

The origins of writing (Emmanuel Anati and Ariela Fradkin Anati)

The looting of archaeological patrimony in Ecuador (Ernesto Salazar)

Regional ‘Coexistence Model’ in the Upper Paleolithic of Korea (Heonjong, Lee)

Thinking About the Oldest Microblade at the Locality VI - Suyanggae (Yung-jo LEE, Jong-yoon WOO, Seung-won LEE, Ju-hyun AHN and Kyong-woo LEE)

First agricultural colonization of the Polish Lowland in flint (Lucyna Domańska)

Dwellings Evolution at the Russian Far-East During the Neolithic Period (Pavel Volkov)

Burial patterns in Ecuador’s upper Amazon (Myriam Ochoa)

Ancient rituals of "wine orders" in the traditional culture of east Asia: Social and Anthropological aspects (Elena Voytishek)

Modern Flint Knappers’ Camp Site from Volcanic Areas of Bayuda Desert in Sudan (Mirosław Masojć and Henryk Paner)

Poster session: Of Proboscidean Bone Tools and Paleoindians (Marcel Kornfeld, Mary Lou Larson and George C. Frison)

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