The Affect of Crafting: Third Millennium BCE Copper Arrowheads from Ganeshwar, Rajasthan [Paperback]

Uzma Z. Rizvi(Author)

ISBN: 9781789690033 | Published by: Archaeopress Archaeology | Year of Publication: 2018 | 176p, H11.75 x W8.25, 53 figures, 13 tables plus extensive catalogue (black and white throughout)
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The Affect of Crafting


The Affect of Crafting presents an interrogation of materiality and crafting, a consideration of the situatedness of the technological practice of crafting itself, and the forms of relationships that exist between all things transformed in the act of crafting: bodies, minerals and landscapes. Linked to those transformations, this volume presents an argument for cultural resonance as a manner through which to understand the resilience and repetition of certain styles and forms of copper arrowheads across the region during the third millennium BCE. Morphological consistency is theorized as producing affective responses that engender belonging: one belongs with and through things.

Table of Contents



Chapter One: Introduction to the Affect of Crafting

Chapter Two: 30 Contextualising the Ganeshwar Copper Corpus: Archaeological Practice and Research

Chapter Three: 44 GJCC Material Culture and Chronological Implications

Chapter Four: 58 The Affect of Crafting and Ancient Sociality


Catalogue of Arrowheads by Type

Images of All Artefact Sheets from the Copper Collection of the Rajasthan State Department of Archaeology and Museums


List of all GJCC Survey Sites

List of Sites with Vitrified Waste Materials

List of Metal Production Sites—2003 Survey Results

List of Mining and Raw Material Sites—2003 Survey Results


Registry of Copper Material from the Collection of the State Department of Rajasthan



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